KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Worlds of Fun’s safety department keeps an eye on the sky so guests can soar through it without a care. A new designation from the National Weather Service means the park is even more prepared to take action when severe weather strikes.

Worlds of Fun is now recognized as a StormReady site, meaning it meets an extensive set of criteria to prepare for all weather situations, which can ultimately save lives. “Being StormReady doesn’t mean storm proof,” Warning Coordination Meteorologist with the National Weather Service Kansas City Andy Bailey said, “StormReady means you are taking the necessary steps to be prepared.”

“Worlds of Fun is very proud to be awarded this honor by the National Weather Service,” Director of Safety and Security Bridgette Bywater said. “The StormReady designation demonstrates Worlds of Fun’s commitment to providing our guests and employees with advanced severe weather warnings.”

The process took nearly two years to complete and required input from the local emergency management agency as well as a final review from the National Weather Service StormReady Advisory Board. A key aspect of the StormReady program is the creation of a weather safety plan which is used to proactively protect employees and guests from the types of hazardous weather this part of the country experiences.


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