WhiteWater’s Maintenance Services Experiences Rapid Growth

White Water

White Water

Richmond, Canada: As waterparks think about the start of the 2016 summer season, WhiteWater is more prepared than ever with a full line of services, replacement parts and theming options by opening a new service location in Shanghai.


Looking after your waterpark attractions is a key activity during the off-season. A park’s cleanliness and curb appeal influences a guest’s perception, but more important is that regular maintenance contributes to guest safety and it extends the life of the ride.  WhiteWater has invested in their After Sales & Service team to support the thousands of global WhiteWater installations to keep them operating safely and properly for waterpark guests.

President of WhiteWater’s After Sales and Services department Scott Heke says, “Maintenance can be an afterthought and is often just seen as a cost because many waterparks undervalue the importance of maintenance on their bottom line.” WhiteWater has expanded the team located in the Canadian head office by 50% while adding a dedicated service person to the Shanghai office to help park operators keep maintenance on their mind.

The Importance of Local Knowledge

With WhiteWater’s international installation presence comes an international maintenance approach. Every location has different factors that can affect a waterpark equipment’s lifecycle including UV rays, water quality and distance from the oceans’ edge. Local knowledge helps WhiteWater recommended the right schedules and products to ensure operations run smoothly.


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