WhiteWater Releases Play Report

VANCOUVER, BC: At different stages of human development, the play has always been an important part of human culture, as we all hope to have a nice day in a park. That’s why the Waterparks and Attractions Company WhiteWater, commissioned a report to look for more styles and different gaming preferences.


The report is based on a study that included more than 1,100 adult respondents from within the industry, as well as consumers across the United States and China.

Four distinct types of play

From the research, WhiteWater has discovered that people generally fall into one of four categories, Adventurers, Socializers, Dreamers, and Challengers.

Adventurers: People in this category enjoy “discovery” play and exploring new experiences

Socializers:  This category of people are most engaged in play involving others

Dreamers: These are people who are fueled by imaginative experiences

Challengers:  They are daredevils who love speed, heights, and pushing boundaries

Most people are Adventurers

Compared to socializers, dreamers and challengers, the survey results indicate that adventurers are the most popular and leading play type. The industry’s results reflect the supremacy of Adventurers and Dreamers over the other two types of games that reflect the creative side of the industry. These are vital information reinforcing the passion to create with the love for adventure.

Cultural trends at play

In the toys section, the likes and dislikes are mainly motivated by cultural tendencies. American respondents seem more interested in social activities such as board games, while Chinese are probing futuristic adventure games. In terms of leisure, more than half of respondents in China chose to “discover the side streets of a city”, while in the United States, “seeing friends” became the most popular activity.

What this means for parks

The full report contains detailed results of the survey, tips for creating play spaces and information on how people play. For park operators these are useful tools to help create parks with rides and attractions that satisfy the preferences of various consumers, create the best brand and improve business.

To know more, reach out to the company’s marketing director Una deBoer, at una.deboer@whitewaterwest.com

Information Source: WhiteWater West Industries Ltd.

Photo courtesy of WhiteWater West Industries Ltd.

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