WhiteWater is Exclusive Supplier to Asia’s #1 Waterpark

Richmond,Canada: To be the safest, greenest and cleanest waterpark in the world. That has been the vision for Waterbom Bali since the park opened nearly 23 years ago. Santo Gulino, Waterbom Bali’s GM & Owner, has been very thoughtful in ensuring that every decision made in regards to the park stays in line with his vision, including choosing the best suppliers for the job. 23 years ago, there was not a single WhiteWater product in sight, but it soon became clear that WhiteWater’s waterpark products were the only choice to support the long term vision of Waterbom Bali.

“My first step in working with WhiteWater was purchasing our AquaPlay from Andrew Wray. His approach was very different from the previous companies I had worked with,” commented Santo Gulino, “It was refreshing to work with a company where the client is valued more than the money.”


A natural partnership formed between WhiteWater and Waterbom Bali as two companies that consider safety their #1 priority along with excellent service and satisfied customers. “My goal is to make people happy and working with WhiteWater supports that goal. It’s not about the theming that makes the park, it’s the product the customer is using,” explains Santo.

After the initial installation by WhiteWater at the Balinese waterpark in the early 2000s, Santo worked to replace all existing attractions with WhiteWater products. On a never-ending quest to offer the best to its guests, Waterbom Bali underwent multiple phases of renovations and unveiled a number of WhiteWater innovations including the Boomerango and the world’s only looping waterslide, the AquaLoop.

In 2014, after an expansion that revealed the world’s first Constrictor + Python Fusion Waterslide, 80% of Waterbom Bali’s products were supplied by WhiteWater. Following the demolition of the last non-WhiteWater slide complex, Santo introduced his guests to six brand new high-thrill waterslides and a FlowRider® this past July.

For Santo, it was an easy decision, “the WhiteWater team has stood behind us over the past 15 years and continuously provided us with a safe product for our guests to enjoy”, says Santo, “We are proud to be 100% a WhiteWater park.”

All of the hard work has paid off. The tropical waterpark enjoys the title of #1 waterpark in Asia and third in the world as rated by guests through TripAdvisor, the popular travel review website. They have incorporated eco-friendly operations including energy efficient LED lights, intensive water recycling and a sustainable environment where 68% of the park’s footprint is gardens. These efforts have also granted them the Silver EarthCheck certification, a global benchmark for sustainable tourism.

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