WhiteWater Introduces the World’s First Triple Fusion Waterslide in Japan

Richmond, Canada: For the first time ever, WhiteWater has combined three head-rushing thrills to create the ultimate recipe for fun. Hasunuma Water Garden in Japan will be home to the very first triple Fusion Waterslide in the world. The unique combination of the Constrictor™ + Rattler™ + Boomerango™ will send guests into high-banking turns, crazy oscillations, down scream-inducing drops and into gravity-defying wall climbs, all in one ride!

“We spent months working back and forth trying to fit the impossibly large into an impossibly small space. After pouring through endless CAD files and iterative designs with our client, we flew to Japan to ensure the glove fit. We spent hours on-site visualizing every detail of the world’s first triple Fusion Waterslide from meticulous measurements to rider viewpoints”, commented Emily Colombo, Slide Path Designer, WhiteWater.
The new waterslide is being introduced to celebrate the waterpark’s 40th anniversary, where WhiteWater manufactured and supplied a yellow and red Constrictor alongside a translucent Flatline Loop in 2013.


Not only is this impressive waterslide the first combination of its kind in the world, it’s the first to introduce AquaLucent rings into a flume of this size. The 84’ flume will be filled with dancing colours as the sun pours through the colourful rings creating a mesmerizing effect that will dazzle riders.

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