WhiteWater and Life Floor to make the play in the water park safer

Richmond, Canada: WhiteWater have signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Life Floor to bring non-slip cushioned surfaces for the global water-park market.


In any water park slips and falls are the number one cause of injuries, these incidents can be dramatically reduced by the patented foam-rubber flooring system of Life Floor. However, even if a fall occurs, with the help of Life Floor system victim’s bumps and bruises are minimized.

Waterpark owners and operators know that most injuries in parks occur in this category. Therefore, this product can be a game changer for the industry.

“The partnership further confirms WhiteWater’s designs and offerings as the safest in the industry,” commented WhiteWater’s President and CEO, Geoff Chutter.

Jonathan Keller, Life Floor’s CEO, sums up the announcement of this new partnership, “Working with WhiteWater, the market leader, was an obvious choice to access a wider market, but we’ve also found that the missions which drive our companies are very aligned. Both companies are single minded about delivering fun safely with the highest quality products available. I think I can speak for all of us when I say that we are excited by the opportunities that this agreement represents.”

Chris Biancofiore, the Product Manager for WhiteWater’s wide range of interactive water play products and attractions, commented, “On Life Floor, kids feel safer and freer to push their boundaries without the fear of getting hurt…simply put, they play differently. The forgiving surface isn’t abrasive, so it’s soft on bare feet and won’t skin knees. As a result, the only tears will come from when they’re told it’s time to leave the park.”

While Life Floor’s non-slip ‘soft fall’ is its biggest advantage, its excellent manufacturing makes it incredibly durable. The completely waterproof tiles do not absorb water or other liquids and last as long under water as they do above water. Its closed-cell construction does not support the growth of microbes. Virtually impossible to stain, it is more resistant to chlorine and UV exposure as compared to other rubber products on the market, making Life Floor not only a safe option but also economical.

The official announcement of this exclusive agreement was made when WhiteWater opened their 2018 Asian Attractions Expo in Hong Kong.

Information Source: WhiteWater and Life Floor
Photo courtesy of WhiteWater

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