Parks & Resorts Scandinavia Visitors grew by 13.15 % in 2015

Parks and Resorts Scandinavia

Stockholm, Sweden: Parks and Resorts Scandinavia, Sweden’s largest theme park company that owns some of Sweden’s most popular amusement parks like Gröna Lund, Kolmården, Furuvik, Skara Sommarland and Aquaria has received 2.9 million visitors in 2015. The new World of Bamse in Kolmården Wildlife Park was the most popular ride last year.

Christer Fogelmarck Group CEO at Parks & Resorts Scandinavia AB reveals, “Total number of visitors we received in 2015 was 2.9 million, highest attendance to date. In 2014 we had received around 2.56 million visitors.”

Christer Fogelmarck Group CEO at Parks & Resorts Scandinavia AB

Christer Fogelmarck Group CEO at Parks & Resorts Scandinavia AB

Concerts in Furuvik and Gröna Lund also attracted large audiences but Kolmarden increased their number of visitors by 40%. The main reason behind this growth is credited to The new World of Bamse, launch in May 2015. Kolmården, Scandinavia’s biggest wildlife park, turned 50 in 2015. To mark this milestone, Kolmården and its parent company, Parks and Resorts, invested SEK 80 million to help make every child’s dream of visiting the World of Bamse come true. Bamse is a children’s comic strip created by the Swedish cartoonist Rune Andréasson. The expanded attraction features all-new park areas and rides straight out of the pages of the popular Swedish comic books about Bamse the bear and his friends. The new World of Bamse is built from the ground up and covers 20,000 square metres (5 acres) of outdoor space. The attraction also include an amphitheatre, restaurant, shops, games, and extensive play areas and parkland. “Most popular were the new World of Bamse in Kolmarden for obvious reasons. He is best described as the Mickey Mouse of Sweden and now he has got his own themed World with attractions. Kolmarden increased their number of visitors by 40% to 7,21,000 in 2015,” added Fogelmarck.

The group has major plans for new rides and attractions in 2016. The most important is Wildfire, a wooden roller coaster under construction at Kolmården Wildlife Park located in Bråviken, Sweden. Scheduled to launch in June 2016 this roller coaster will become both the fastest wooden coaster in Europe, and second tallest wooden coaster in the world. Manufactured by Rocky Mountain Construction, it has three inversions, a top speed of 113 km/h, a drop angle of 83 and 12 airtime moments making this ride a real game changer. Explained Fogelmarck “We will continue to invest in our parks and in 2016 we have several major new attractions. First and foremost is Wildfire at Kolmarden, But also New kiddy rides at Furuvik along with New body slides Snakepit at Skara Sommarland and Mamma Mia the Party at Gröna Lund .”

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