Valkyria’s track is now fully assembled

Gothenburg, Sweden: The last section of Europe’s longest Dive Coaster track was set up this week at Liseberg Amusement Park.

The track work on Liseberg’s dive coaster, Valkyria started in January this year. With a track length of 2,460 feet and height of 154 feet, Valkyria reaches the top speed of 65 mph. This under construction steel Dive Coaster is manufactured by Bolliger & Mabillard and is expected to open in the summer of 2018.

Four roller coaster enthusiasts were invited to sign the track section with staff working on the Valkyria project. After that the track section was put into place, three flags one Polish, one German and one large Swedish flag was attached to it. This represented the different countries and the teams working on Valkyria.

On Tuesday, May 30, the staff and few roller coaster enthusiasts gathered to see the Valkyria?s track. Now, electrical installations, commissioning, safety checks and test runs await before the first passengers can enjoy a ride.

Valkyria roller coaster

Type      Steel – Dive Coaster

Manufacturer    Bolliger & Mabillard

Model   Dive Coaster

Height   154.2 ft (47.0 m)

Drop      164 ft (50 m)

Length  2,296.6 ft (700.0 m)

Speed   65.2 mph (104.9 km/h)

Information Source: Liseberg amusement park
Photo courtesy of Liseberg amusement park

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