Top DJ inspired by Baron 1898 dive coaster

Kaatsheuvel, Netherlands: The world-famous DJ Hardwell, who has been a big fan of Efteling for years, has produced his own interpretation of the music for the new Baron 1898 attraction. The music, which has strong brass band influences, provided inspiration to the young DJ. Following the opening of the attraction, the Hardwell remix will be available exclusively at Efteling.

As Hardwell himself says: “I’m a big fan of Efteling! I’ve had an annual pass for years and went there often as a child. When I attended the premiere of the Tiësto-Efteling Aquanura show in December, I was invited to swing by the office. I listened to the theme music for Baron 1898 and was asked to make a remix of it. Naturally, as a fan and a music producer, I’m very proud of the end result.”

Efteling is honoured that Hardwell, also from the south of the Netherlands, was inspired by the music and the attraction, and that he was able to reinterpret the music, in which brass instruments feature prominently, to create a version with a beat. The remix will not feature in the attraction or be available to purchase as a download or CD, but a limited number of CD singles will be distributed among visitors to the Baron 1898 attraction at Efteling.

Hardwell is currently the number-one DJ in the world and recently won five International Dance Music Awards in Miami. His debut album, United We Are, was released on 23 January 2015 and took less than a week to reach the top of the album chart. Hardwell established his own recording label, Revealed Recordings, in 2010 and, in the meantime, this has grown exponentially to become a worldwide phenomenon and one of the world’s most innovative and progressive Dance labels.

Baron 1898
On 1 July 2015 a spectacular new Efteling attraction opens to the public: the Baron 1898 dive coaster. Visitors to the attraction are invited to spend a day in the life of a tough mineworker. The richly themed story, which draws upon the history of the mining industry, is played out both inside and outside the attraction. Visitors to the rollercoaster ride face a terrifying 37.5-metre freefall into a mineshaft before searching for gold during a bloodcurdling ride with a top speed of more than 90 kilometres per hour.

The theme music for the attraction was revealed for the first time last Monday, in the new episode of The Making of Baron 1898 on Efteling’s YouTube channel. Watch the latest episode, featuring the dive coaster’s theme music.

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