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Bergamo, Italy: The 2016 season has just begun at Leolandia with 39 attractions and shows, Minitalia Leolandia has a group of thrill rides to lure the guest. One of the very popular attraction at the park is Donna Cannone, a Shot & Drop tower that is neither particularly high nor intense, thus making it accessible to a wide target audience.

Built in 2009, ascent and descent character of this attraction is attached with a sequence of bounces, to facilitate excellent impact on the guest looking for a breathtaking session. A ride 39 metres high, Donna Cannone let guests try the experience to be thrown into the sky and pushed down to the ground.26_Donna_Cannone

The attraction has been designed by Zamperla and has 12 seats, with an hourly seating capacity of about 270 guests and more than 2.000 guests capacity per day.

“Donna Cannone is located in Expo 1906, a Leolandia’s thematized area dedicated to early 1900s amusement parks, circus universe and themes like flight and dynamism typical of that age. Donna Cannone is the reinterpretation of the famous “cannon man”, one of the most appreciated circus’ freak shows at the beginning of 20th century, ” says Diana Fontana – Manager Press office and Social Media, Leolandia.

Leolandia is the second most beloved park in Italy, according to TripAdvisor’s ranking, and it’s the perfect place for the entire family, situated in a big green park with many themed areas and a lot of rides and attractions for all ages: the Pirate’s cove; Cowboy Town, an authentic “Spaghetti Western” city; Expo 1906, dedicated to the great exhibition in Milan; Leonardo’s Land, where the sketches of Leonardo da Vinci turn into fantastic rides; the historic Minitalia, a fascinating tour of the most beautiful Italian monuments in miniature; beloved animal areas, including a farm, an aquarium and a reptile house; and finally Peppa Pig’s World, where the locations of the most popular TV cartoon really come to life.

To enrich the day of young ones and grownups, two fantastic new attractions: the meet&greet with Masha and the Bear, and the chance to travel on board Thomas the Tank Engine for a tour around the park. In addition, a lot of new shows and entertainment with pirates, fairies and acrobats.

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