Quassy Amusement Park’s Reverse Time Remaining On Time!

Quassy Amusement Park, AmusementParksNews, Reverse TimeBROOKLYN, N.Y. – Reverse Time, the new thrill ride coming to Quassy Amusement & Waterpark for the 2016 season, is shown in these photos during  the manufacturing process in Italy. SFB/VISA Group is currently building the attraction for the Middlebury, Conn., park – the first Reverse Time to be in operation in all of North America.

Progress on the attraction remains on track, meaning the ride will be installed in time for Quassy’s opening in late April. SFB/VISA Group, a leading manufacturer of amusement rides worldwide, is represented in the United States by Rides 4U of Somerville, N.J. (Photos courtesy SFB/VISA Group)


Reverse Time, themed as a giant clock, accommodates 24 riders seated in a circular configuration, facing outward. As the ride starts to spin it is lifted into the air with the supporting turntable rotating in the opposite direction. Guests will dip and dive as the ride reaches a maximum speed of 20 revolutions per minute. Mid-cycle, the ride will change direction adding to the exciting experience. The family-owned property will introduce Reverse Time, a thrill ride from Italian manufacturer SBF/VISA Group, when the park opens for its 108th season in April.

Quassy Amusement Park & Waterpark is in its 107th year and features more than two-dozen rides and attractions. Rides include the award-winning “Wooden Warrior” roller coaster, “Music Fest,” “Yo-Yo” super swings, “Free Fall ‘N’ Drop Tower,” “FRANTIC,” “Grand Carousel” and more. The park also has a restaurant, redemption arcade, games, live entertainment and special events. Season passes are on sale now at the park office and through the Quassy Web site at www.quassy.com.


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