Major investment for Astrid Lindgrens World

Vimmerby, SwedenAt:  At a press conference at Astrid Lindgren’s World today, Wednesday, it was revealed that a new area for the story of the Brothers Lionheart will open on 17 June 2016. The area will cover around 10,000 m2 and will actually be not one setting but two: Wild Rose Valley and Cherry Tree Valley. Both valleys will have seating for 800 people.

The new settings will take visitors back to the “age of campfires and storytelling”. The rose-covered and walled Wild Rose Valley will contain 12 buildings which will all be furnished, showing clearly who lives in each one. In the beautiful nearby Cherry Tree Valley, visitors will find Knights Farm and Tulip Farm. The area will also contain the ancient mountains, the suspension bridge to Karmanyaka and Katla’s Cave, where only the brave will dare to venture.

“With this investment, which is the second biggest in the history of Astrid Lindgren’s World, we continue to develop settings for play and theatrical performances”, says Joacim Johansson, MD of Astrid Lindgren’s World. “The experience in the Brothers Lionheart setting will be more exciting than the others in the park and will be aimed at slightly older children”, concludes Joacim.

Theatre performances will alternate between Wild Rose Valley and Cherry Tree Valley, which will mean that one of the sites is always open for children to play. An important aspect for visitors is also recognition of the story and experience from the books.

“This project is our biggest challenge ever”, says Nicholas Lindström, Project Manager and Designer at Astrid Lindgren’s World. “The main characters in the story are in constant movement, between buildings and valleys, and even between worlds. The story also switches between myth and realism and between intimacy and epic scale. It must also be possible to play and perform theatre pieces – all in a setting that looks like the story”, says Nicholas Lindström.

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