Magnificent Christmas display by Bellagio’s Conservatory & Botanical Gardens

LAS VEGAS: Bellagio’s Conservatory & Botanical Gardens have turned into a sparkling winter wonderland with spectacular holiday displays. Botanical creations of impeccable quality include a majestic 42-foot-tall White Fir, bright ornaments, gigantic horses and carriage, polar bears, a train and a glamorous ice queen.
The staff has invested a great deal of time and effort in organizing amazing holiday exhibits open from December 11 to January 6, 2019.

Visitors to the Conservatory will cross the Arctic with an elegant Ice Queen as she travels by horse-drawn carriage to a spectacular castle. Along the way, happy elves, polar bear guardians and toy soldiers greet the ice queen. The holiday display inspired by royal weddings titled “Majestic Holiday Magic” is designed by Ed Libby and the Bellagio Horticulture team.

The 42-foot white fir is the focal point of the Conservatory, beautifully decorated with 7,000 warm white lights and 2,500 ornaments. This beautiful holiday tree stands gracefully enclosed by musical sounds and seasonal colors that evoke the holiday spirit. A whimsical toy train of five cars, equipped with a live camera, whirls on its tracks around the foot of the tree.

Guests will marvel at the Glamorous Ice Queen, escorted by guardian polar bears. She is dressed in a couture-inspired gown of preserved red and white roses, silver palmetto leaves, fresh hydrangeas, and Phalaenopsis orchids.

In the East Garden, visitors will find a European-themed carriage decorated with vintage lanterns, stylish draperies, and a crystal chandelier. lavish red velvet upholstery and gilded embellishments complete the interior, while tapioca beads and other botanicals cover the exterior. Two 12-foot Herald trumpets mark the entrance to the coach, pulled by four 12-foot-tall white horses dressed in their best regalia. Two windows with beaded curtains offer visitors an ideal opportunity to take photos and capture precious holiday memories.

In the North Garden, the ice queen has a lavish 28-foot Gothic castle. This castle is surrounded by a moat and connected to a passage inspired by the Gothic Bridge of Central Park in New York. Four animated toy soldiers stand guard at every corner of the bridge. Nearby, a pair of playful floral elves stands among hundreds of colorful Poinsettias welcoming visitors.

Visitors at South Garden will meet a family of polar bears in their bright new Arctic environment, a gift from the Queen for her service and loyalty. Drawing on the hearts of visitors, young and old, two baby polar bears play among the icebergs when a third baby comes out of a box, while the Papa bear in white hydrangeas observes all this with great affection.

To complement the seasonal theme, glittering stars, an illuminated moon red and green Polonaise tree toppers are suspended from the glass ceiling of the Conservatoire, visible from all sides.
Open 24/7, the Bellagio’s Conservatory and Botanical Gardens is complimentary to the public.

Holiday Display By the Numbers
34,000: Flowers on display for the duration of the exhibit
28,000: Poinsettias
12,000: hydrangeas used to create the papa polar bear
7,000: LED lights found on the holiday tree
2,500: Ornaments found on the holiday tree
2,500: White carnations and hydrangeas to create each baby polar bear
1,000: Pounds of tapioca pearls found on the carriage
322: Tufts of red velvet with crystal buttons inside the carriage
180: Pounds of black lentils coating the fenders on the carriage
125: Team members who participate in the display’s assembly
120: Pounds of golden flax seed and brown flax seed covering the wheels
42 feet: Height of the White Fir holiday tree
25: Number of Silver Tip Fir trees
17: Hanging glimmering stars
6: Polar bears
4: Horses
4: Toy soldiers
2: elves

Information Source: MGM Resorts International
Photo courtesy of Bellagio’s Conservatory & Botanical Gardens

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