Longleat Safari Park Gave Ice Lolly Treat to Monkeys

UK: Who doesn’t like an ice lolly in the hot summer days; with humans, this tempting frozen snack is also liked by other species.


A group of Rhesus monkeys at Longleat Safari Park in Wiltshire also love sipping this flavoured ice cubes.

Caretakers of the Park have supplied this snack to monkeys, as they believe the ice lolly will help keep them cool in the heat. Longleat’s Ian Turner says the ice-cold treats will also encourage the monkeys to utilize their natural foraging instincts.

Generally, the keepers of the park hide the food between long grasses in the area so that the monkeys have to hunt for it, but this time in view of the existing heat wave, the keepers have decided to give these monkeys a comfortable banquet option.

Rhesus monkeys are found in South-eastern Asia and the Indian subcontinent; they can survive in different types of habitats and climates.

In some parts of India, these monkeys are considered to be holy. Especially around Buddhist and Hindu temples, they are found in great numbers. Due to such religious protection, this primate native to forests has been in close contact with humans for centuries.

Rhesus monkeys are very intelligent; this naturally curious animal can operate simple tools and distinguish different colors and shapes.

They live in a family structure and are socially very friendly. There are around 20 members in each group lead by a powerful male.  The food is collected as a group; one member acting as ‘look-out’ for danger, while others try to fill as much food as possible within their cheek pouch.

Information Source: Longleat Safari Park
Photo courtesy of Longleat Safari Park


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