Liseberg’s classic roller coaster gets a makeover

Gothenburg, Sweden: The classic roller coaster “Lisebergbanan” of Liseberg amusement park gets a makeover this summer.

After thrilling riders for more than 30 seasons, the roller coaster has undergone a major renovation, including new trains, a matching station area, and newly themed façade.

“Lisebergbanan is one of our most loved rides and it deserved some extra attention. The new trains and new surroundings will complete the feeling of a traditional, and exciting, train ride”, says Andreas Andersen, CEO & President at Liseberg.

Lisebergbanan was created in 1987 for Liseberg by roller coaster legend Anton Schwartzkopf. The roller coaster is widely recognized as one of the best family rides in the world created by the Schwartzkopf factory.

Information Source & Photo courtesy: Liseberg amusement park

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