How to increase in-park revenue with waves

British Columbia, Canada: WhiteWater to hosts Online Webinar to Explore the Benefits and Methodology of Driving in-park Revenue.

What do the best waterparks in the world have in common? They have more than one type of wave product!

Want to boost in-park spending? Join WhiteWater webinar on June 22nd and discover how to increase revenue with the power of waves!

WhiteWater will be hosting their first online webinar which will explore the benefits and methodology of drivingin-park revenue through the integration of multiple wave products intoaquatic facilities. The webinar will be presented in English on June 22nd. Those who wish to participate must register at

Incorporating multiple wave products within facilities of all sizes can contribute to the bottom line

Audience members will learn all about why Wave Pools are the place you want families staying for hours, how Stationary Waves drive ROI through food & beverage sales, how Wave Rivers reduce waterpark congestion and much more.

WhiteWater presenters will take the audience through real-life examples of how wave products have removed pain points for park operators as well as contributed to the profitability of successful waterparks throughout the waterpark industry. During the Waves Webinar you’ll discover why the best parks in the world have more than one wave and how to incorporate waves into your aquatic offering.

Sean Hinton
President, Waterpark and Attractions Division

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