Grand Opening of WhiteWater’s Biggest Project Yet: Yinji Xinmi Waterpark



Richmond, Canada: Since the ground-breaking ceremony of the Yinji Xinmi Waterpark in May 2015, WhiteWater has been collaborating closely with Henan Yinji Xuanyuan Shengjing Culture Tourism Co to complete the largest order of waterpark products and attractions in the industry. Within the 16,000 acres of Yinji International Tourist Resort, a 42 acre Yinji Xinmi Waterpark is officially opened to public, taking guests into the depths of the ocean with unique rides and an exhilarating atmosphere.Yinji Xinmi (2)

With theming inspired by the classic science fiction novel 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne, the park is composed of 4 zones, each one featuring the adventures Captain Nemo encountered. Guests are welcomed into the very worlds of their favorite sea creature characters the moment they step foot into Captain Nemo’s submarine, joining little mermaids into ‘Fantasy Coral Island’, swimming to ‘Stuart Island Adventure’ with giant jelly fish, followed by a ‘Sail to Cyprus’ with the captain and then relaxing at ‘Sunshine Coast’ to end the day.Yinji Xinmi (3)

Whitewater collaborated closely with Yinji Xinmi to develop unique combinations of rides and innovative themes that structure a realistic underwater world along with a Mayan themed interactive Aquaplay. Each ride features life sized, finely carved sea creatures that accentuates the bold and colorful waterpark that brings Captain Nemo’s adventure to life.Yinji Xinmi (4)

Yinji has invested over $34 million dollars’ worth of WhiteWater’s world-class aquatic products. The park features a broad range of waterpark attractions including dueling Master Blasters, two large AquaPlay structures, two exciting Abyss waterslides and China’s very first fusion AquaSphere + Manta. Out of all the three wave pools, the Surf Waves delivers the most thrills with a 3.8 meter high waves for all adventure seekers while family and kids can be relaxing in the two other Family Wave Pools. To fulfill the teenage dream, the innovative LatiTube stationary surf wave offers the thrill of surfing in a way that everyone can master. While keeping in mind of all ages and levels, the park debuts an Extreme River and a Wave River that will immerse the entire family into a winding journey.

“I would say this ranks amongst the best parks in Asia and is a significant addition to the Chinese tourism & leisure industry,” comments Geoff Chutter, President & CEO, WhiteWater.

From concept to completion, WhiteWater is proud to have worked with Henan Yinji Xuanyuan Shengjing Culture Tourism Co in every step towards delivering a successful world-class waterpark.

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