Go Karts needs maintenance, 5 Warning signs!

BillAvery_TwitterOrlando, Florida: Go-Karts racing is the world’s most popular form of motor sport, people of all ages like this game. Bill Avery. President at Avery Safety Consulting, Inc explains about 5 Warning signs that indicated this popular ride needs immediate maintenance.

Bill is a safety consultant for amusement and leisure industry . He is a partner and the founder of Avery&Avery. He has dedicated his life to amusement and leisure industry safety and is recognized in United States of America as an authority on the subject matter. He is one of the original members of the ASTM F24 committee tasked with developing standards for the amusement ride and device industry. His specialized career began in 1976 as the Safety Manager for Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida. Bill has spent the last 35 years working to manage or assist organizations with their amusement safety needs. Bill is an accomplished speaker and writer who has been featured on numerous media outlets.934812_481589875245756_1723218585_n


What is a go-kart?

American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) International defines a concession go-kart as follows: an amusement ride or device, which meets all the following specifications: the device is a single vehicle, unattached to other vehicles or a common frame system, which is powered without connection to a common energy source, which is driver controlled with respect to acceleration, speed, braking, and steering, which operates within the containment system of a defined track, and which simulates competitive motor sports, which is used by the general public for a fee. A concession go-kart has a maximum capacity of two persons and no cargo capacity.

What is the difference between a go-kart ride and a theme park ride?

Answer: A go-kart is patron directed (driven and controlled by driver) and is highly participative by its nature. A theme park ride is generally passive by its nature and the decision making processes are made by the ride operator. The rider is going where the ride goes and their choices are minimal to none depending how well they are strapped into the ride and how secure the restraints are.

5 Warning signs that indicates go karts need maintenance?

The list is inclusive but not necessarily exhaustive:

  1. Bent bumpers that are rippled from bumping.
  2. Bumper D rings between the bumper and go-kart frame that serve as a cushioning device are missing and/or damaged.
  3. Steering wheel and other padding missing and/or in disrepair.
  4. Missing protective covers on moving and or hot parts that guests can access.
  5. Missing, frayed, worn and or improperly adjusted driver/passenger restraint.

How does Avery Safety Consulting help in orations and maintenance of Go Karts?

Avery Safety Consulting, Inc. can inspect go-karts for industry standards compliance and or evaluate operating history to determine if adjustments are required to improve the safety of the operation.

How to solve a Go Kart problem on site?

All problems are not solved in a go-kart operation and safety improvements are an on-going process that never is complete. The one factor in the go-kart safety equation that cannot be overcome is the human being. With go-karts being driven and controlled by the guest it isn’t much different that a person driving across town. However, go-karts do not have brake lights, directional signals, air bags, and other protective devices an automobile has so safety features to assist the driver are not available.

Is Go-Kart a safe ride?

There are inherent risks in participating in/on any amusement ride or device. The risk are enhanced on go-karts due to the participative nature of the ride but many of the risks can be separated from this activity by attentive go-kart operator/attendants and the use of a go-kart speed limiting device that is used to slow and or stop go-karts when and impending dangerous situation presents itself. Well trained and responsive operator/attendants go a long way in reducing incidents and the severity of incidents. I investigate go-kart incidents all over the United States and more often than not I find that the operator/attendant failed to do their job in a timely manner and that most incidents were preventable.

Elizabeth K. providing an example of the potential proximity of a person's hair (long hair) when seated in a go-kart with no axle guard

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