Flying High at Europa-Park

Flying High at Europa-Park
Rust, Germany: A new major attraction is set to take off at the best theme park in the world. Voletarium, the largest Flying Theater in Europe, carries its passengers away to the most beautiful and fascinating places across the continent. What’s more, Germany’s largest theme park also offers over 100 attractions and shows throughout 15 carefully designed European themed areas in a world where traditional architecture meets authentic cuisine. Starting in spring, up to 6,000 guests can enjoy a series of unique special events in the new Europa-Park Arena.
New in 2017

In the Voletarium, the continent’s largest Flying Theater, visitors to Germany’s largest theme park will soon be able to take a breath-taking journey across Europe. Once explorers have entered the world of pioneering aviators, Eckbert and Kaspar Eulenstein, the command is given in the waiting area: Fasten your seatbelt and be ready for take-off! In two theatres, up to 140 passengers will explore the sensation of gliding through the air in chairlift-style flying machines. The captivating movie by MackMedia, which is shown on the 21 meter wide screens will mesmerise the guests as they are carried to more than fifteen unique European destinations. Special effects such as scent, wind, and water intensify the flight and make it a truly unforgettable experience.

The Voletarium is the largest single investment in an attraction for Europa-Park in its more than 40-years history. The cost of the major attraction is three times as high as the cost of founding Europa-Park in 1975. In addition to the Voletarium, visitors can also look forward to another VR ride produced by MackMedia. Besides the wild trip with Ed Euromaus and his friends, passengers on the Alpenexpress Coastiality can also take off with the ?Sky Explorers’ from the beginning of the season. The new Virtual Reality experience puts young and old in the role of pilots and lets them discover unique landscapes and villages from fearsome heights. The spectacular gliding flight perfectly matches the routeing of the family rollercoaster in the Austrian themed area and conveys a sensational real flying feeling. The animation is based on the third mobile game, Voletarium: Sky Explorers, by MackMedia – available for iOS and Apple devices free of charge this summer. Along with Voletarium and ?Sky Explorers’, the new game creates a cross-media world of wonder focused on the human fascination with flying.

Moreover, MackMedia is set to release its first feature-length production, ?Happy Family’. Starting on 24th August 2017, the film will bring the adventures of the Wünschmann family to screens throughout Germany and later to more than 60 other countries worldwide. From the beginning of the season, the Happy Family also awaits guests in a show at the Italian themed area. In addition, there is another new film highlight at the Dome of Dreams: In ?The Secrets of Gravity – From Europe to Space’, visitors follow in the footsteps of a young Albert Einstein and his robotic friend as they discover the secrets of gravity and explore time and space together. The thrilling 360-degree show, a co-production by MackMedia and Softmachine Immersive Productions, takes young and old from Europe to the space station ISS, via the moon, to the most remote corners of the universe. Apart from that, the big Europa-Park Käthe-Kruse doll exhibition found a new home at Grimm’s Enchanted Forest. About 200 specimens can be admired in beautifully decorated showcases.

Following the third double World Championship in a row, the Mercedes-Benz Hall is gearing itself up for the fastest racing series in the world. The MONACO exhibition will give unbelievable insights into all the winning race cars along with their drivers and teams. Visitors of all ages can immerse themselves in one of the most prestigious races in the world – the Monaco Grand Prix. Just like in the real world, the Principality is right next to the French themed area at Europa-Park.

The new Europa-Park Arena will provide even further potential for writing history at Germany’s largest theme park. With an area of almost 3,000 square meters, the multifunctional hall is paving the way for productions of previously unimagined scale. From spring, up to 6,000 guests are invited to create magical memories in the new arena. A clearance of 13 meters will also allow for any number of elaborate stage constructions. In the middle of January (13th to 15th), DJ BoBo celebrated his 25th stage anniversary with the world premiere of his new show, Mystorial, at the Europa-Park Arena.

After an eventful day at the world’s best theme park, guests can enjoy maximum comfort at the Europa-Park hotels. Each of the 192 rooms at the 4* themed hotel ‘El Andaluz’ were equipped with modern box spring beds at the beginning of the year, guaranteeing a heavenly night’s slumber in Mediterranean style.

Throughout the 2017 season, Germany’s largest theme park will also be working on the realisation of the new Water Adventure Resort. During the coming years, numerous indoor and outdoor water activities will be built across a 46 hectare extension area in the south east of Rust. In order to cater for the expected increase in demand for hotel beds, Europa-Park also has plans for a new themed hotel. Countless aquatic attractions, sophisticated Nordic themes, and an attractive F&B offer make the Water Adventure Resort the perfect new addition to Europa-Park. The opening is planned for 2019.

Discover the Jewels of Europe in Miniature

Nestled in the tri-border area, visitors to Germany’s largest theme park can explore all of Europe in just one day. Besides France and Switzerland, a total of 15 European themed areas await the whole family with traditional architecture and multi-award-winning gastronomic delights. Over 100 attractions and shows invite guests to make each experience their own. Those still hungry for staggering heights after a trip on Voletarium can pedal away in Volo da Vinci and immerse themselves in the Italian Dolce Vita from above.

In the Greek themed area, bold heroes can cross the Mediterranean Sea with the Flight of Icarus hot-air balloon ride. On the Swiss Jungfrau Glacier Flight, young and old alike can climb the Matterhorn and enjoy the awe-inspiring alpine landscape. In the new Irish themed area Ireland – Children’s World, lovers of Nordic countries can discover the elevated plain and the green vegetation of the Emerald Isle with the Spinning Dragons.

In the Russian themed area, the high-speed Euro-Mir rollercoaster shoots lucky cosmonauts into orbit like a rocket. After the thrill-ride, the stars are within reach in the original Russian Mir Space Station. In Iceland, daring Vikings dash through the air on the catapult ride blue fire Megacoaster powered by GAZPROM or race through Icelandic mythology at 100km/h in the wagons of the wooden rollercoaster WODAN – Timburcoaster. Unprecedented adventures are also open to passengers on the two rollercoasters Alpenexpress Coastiality and Pegasus Coastiality. With the aid of virtual reality glasses, visitors can jump into a fantastic virtual world while at the same time feeling the full thrust of the rollercoaster with a series of airstreams, centrifugal forces and curves. With the Coastiality App by MackMedia, smartphone users can also dive into amazing 360-degree animations and experience the thrill of rollercoaster rides at home.

For those who prefer to stay on the ground, Europa-Park provides not only a wonderful array of other attractions, but up to 23 hours of daily shows. Besides all this, there are numerous special events throughout the year at Europe’s most popular theme park. The US Car Convention and the Street Art Market in which graffiti and street artists exhibit their skills are new this summer. During the Swiss Festival, guests to Europa-Park can also marvel at the traditional sport, swinging, for the first time. The big Summer Party is always an annual highlight. On 22nd July 2017, Europa-Park will turn night into day with thrilling rollercoaster action until midnight.

Fun and Relaxation at the Europa-Park Hotels

The park’s own 4* hotels ‘El Andaluz’ and ‘Castillo Alcazar’, as well as the 4* superior hotels ‘Colosseo’, ‘Santa Isabel’ and ‘Bell Rock’, provide everything visitors need for a perfect family holiday or romantic wellness weekend with an authentic atmosphere and ambience unique to each themed hotel. The diverse culinary offers seal the deal for a restful stay. Whether at the gourmet buffet of the maritime ‘Harborside’ restaurant, the ‘La Romantica’ pizzeria, or sampling a 4-course menu at the 2* Michelin ‘Ammolite – The Lighthouse Restaurant’, visitors can expect a plethora of flavourful delights.

With numerous log cabins and covered wagons, there is also no shortage of extraordinary accommodation at the Europa-Park Camp Resort. Lovers of the Wild West can sit around the campfire in the tepee village and later crawl into their authentic tents. There are also 200 caravan parking spaces in the adjacent Europa-Park camping area.
The world’s best theme park is something for golf enthusiasts, too. The Europa-Park Golfclub Breisgau e.V. in Herbolzheim-Tuschfelden spreads itself idyllically across a backdrop of vines over an area of over 90 hectares. With its 9-hole and 18-hole courses there’s plenty to challenge golfers of any level.

Year-Round Leisure

For over ten years, Europa-Park has adapted itself beautifully to each of the changing seasons. Spring is marked by new attractions and shows while the summer months promise refreshing aquatic attractions. In autumn, over 180,000 pumpkins and dark delights give the park its quintessential spooky feeling. At its winter opening, Europe’s most famous theme park turns into a winter wonderland filled with thousands of Christmas trees, holiday lights, wintry attractions, and a special Christmas show programme.

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