Europa Park opened the most expensive attraction Voletarium

Europa Park new attraction Voletarium revolves around the story of aviator brothers Eckbert and Kaspar Eulenstein.

Rust, Germany: Opened on June 3, the storyline narrates visitors about Eulenstein’s dream flight. The attraction is set in two large flying theater halls. A 4D ride replica of 4.5 minute ‘flight’ gives guest the sensation of flying above 15 different European locations displayed on a 21m-wide movie screen.

First time visitors will have the opportunity to purchase a timed ticket that allows them to experience the attraction at a set time and without much queueing.

The Voletarium is also single most expensive individual attraction in the history of Germany’s largest theme park. MackMedia produced the accompanying movie under the direction of Holger Tappe.

“The Voletarium is the biggest attraction of its kind in Europe. We are convinced that we will be presenting something absolutely unique to our guests this season with the largest investment into an individual attraction in history. If you miss this flight, you miss a worldwide sensation at Europa-Park”, says Europa-Park owner Roland Mack.

About the attraction

The new major attraction allows all visitors to participate in the technical achievements of the two pioneering aviator brothers Eulenstein. In two theatre halls, passengers glide through the air on three levels in seven chairlift-style flying machines. On the over 400 square meter screens with a diameter of 21-meters, sensational visuals of Europe‟s most beloved landscapes and metropolises can be admired. Effects such as wind, water, and scent give up to 140 passengers a feeling of flying like never before in the 16 meter high domes.

Quick Facts

The building time of the Voletarium was 9 months.
Around 1,000 people from all over the world have worked on the new major attraction.
The cost of the new major attraction has been three times higher than the cost of founding Europa-Park in 1975.

 Europa Park attraction Voletarium

Europa-Park is open throughout summer from 1st of April to 5th of November 2017 daily from 9am to 6pm.

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