Duinrell amusement park

Wassenaar, Netherlands: The details and the name of the new section of the Tiki Pool were announced in impressive fashion in Duinrell’s Tiki Pool. Duinrell also provided information about the renovations at the holiday park and amusement park slated for the 2017 season.


The new, exciting water slide at the Tiki Pool will be a 163-metre long triple Cone. Guests will slide down on a two person tube at lightning speed from a height of almost 20 metres into the so-called Cone (funnel) before sliding upwards against the wall and then downwards once again. After these twists and turns, guests continue sliding into the following two Cones, after which the ride ends.

Duinrell amusement park

The opening is planned for May of this year. Duinrell also announced the name of the water slide during the opening. With the triple Cone, the Tiki Pool has yet another new water slide experience and an exciting eye-catcher.

The Tiki Pool is being expanded with the almost 1,000 m² indoor water playground. The name Playa emphasises the water fun that children from 0 to 12 years old can experience in the new section of the Tiki Pool. A large water climbing frame is coming with a ‘tipping bucket’ and various items of playground equipment. The ‘Triple Slide’, ‘Duo Racer’ and ‘Body Cone’ are water slides especially for children from 4 to 12 years old.  For children from 0 to 4 years old, a heated paddling pool is being built in Playa, where they can have fun with their parents. The official opening of Playa is expected to take place in mid-2017.

After the expansion, the Tiki Pool will have 1.3 kilometres of water slides. Every year, 700,000 people visit the fifth largest water park in Europe. H.R.J. Graaf Van Zuylen van Nijevelt, founder of the water park, opened the Tiki Pool in 1984. Over the years,

various water slides and water attractions have been added. This year, the latest additions are the triple Cone water slide and Playa water playground.

Duinrell amusement park

The progress of the construction work at the Tiki Pool can be followed on the Duinrell YouTube channel. In the coming months, presenter Ed will accompany viewers during the building of Playa and the triple Cone water slide.

In addition to the expansion of the Tiki Pool, Duinrell is working hard on renovating and expanding the holiday park. In May 2017, 41 new Premium Plus Duingalows, with more luxury and comfort than ever, will be put into use, built in accordance with our guests’ demands. Four of this new type of Duingalow will have an infrared sauna. In May, Duinrell’s holiday park will have 440 Duingalows as a result of this expansion. In addition to the expansion, 100 Comfort Duingalows will also be given a makeover in the form of a major paint job and 50 of them

will receive new furniture. Finally, in April, two kitchens will be replaced at the Duinhostel group accommodation, the interior will be repainted and the communal spaces will be supplied with new furniture.

Various renovations will also be implemented at the amusement park, such as the merging and modernisation of the P2 and P3 car parks. The popular attraction Aqua Shute will receive a boat lift and the Mad Mill has recently been renovated. At the playground, a new 22-metre high slide tower with three slides will be built, as a result of which the amusement park’s nostalgic playground will have even more to offer children.

In the coming season, all guests will receive the all-new Duinrell magazine upon arrival. The story of the family business will be told in this magazine. It will also contain information about the holiday park, amusement park and the Tiki Pool water park. In April, the new Duinrell website will go live.

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