Contest Winners meet Baby Giraffe They Named At Flamingo Land

Contest Winners met Baby Giraffe They Named At Flamingo Land

Malton, UK: A contest winner family, that named the baby giraffe born at Flamingo Land Resort Yorkshire, got the opportunity to meet her personally.

This calf, the sixth member of Flamingo Land Rothschild herd, was born to parents George, 10, and Lizzy, 8 on 17th January 2017.

In February, a competition to name the Baby Rothchild Giraffe was floated. The winner was promised to have a private Giraffe Encounter with opportunity to feed giraffe herd and see the baby at close quarters.

The winner family shared their daughters name Sophie with the Giraffe and also got chance to meet her personally during a private VIP Giraffe Experience.

“We all loved the feeding experience and it was fantastic for Geoff and I to see how excited both Ethan and Sophie were to get so close and hands on with these beautiful animals,” said Karen Trattles competition winner.”

­­­­ Giraffes are listed as vulnerable, at Flamingo Land they are part of a global conservation programme to support the breeding of the species in captivity.

“We now have a family of six Rothschild giraffes and they are proving very popular with our visitors this Spring,” said Sarah Mills Director of Marketing Flamingo Land Resort Yorkshire. “We are delighted that Karen and her family enjoyed their time with our giraffe family and would like to remind visitors that they can enjoy keeper talks at 12 noon each day as part of their admission to the park.”

Quick Facts:

Giraffes are pregnant for a period between 14 and 15 months and give birth whilst standing, labor usually lasts about 30–60 minutes.

Calves stand approximately 6 feet tall at birth and should walk within the first hour of their life. It can take less than a day for them to be able to run.

The calf will start eating leaves in about 4 months. Giraffes are ruminants animals with four-part stomachs, eating solids begins the ruminating process. The other animals in the same category include cattle, sheep, goats, buffalo, deer, elk, and camels

In the wild, Healthy giraffes can live about 20 to 25 years. In captivity, they can live 28 years or longer.

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