“CONNY-LAND will appear in a new fresh face” Erich Brandenberger, CEO, Connyland

Connyland amusement park

Lipperswil, Switzerland: The winner of European Star Award 2015 for the fourth time in a row, Swizerland based CONNY LAND theme park is one of the most popular amusement park in the Country.  Erich Brandenberger , CEO , Connyland Amusement Park chats with AmusementParks News about the expansion plan and new attractions  he is  planning in 2016 at CONNY LAND.


What are your expansion plans with new rides and attractions in 2016?

As a brand new attraction, we will present a 4D animation of a Happy-Feet movie in our theatre “Château”. The copy right of this animation is with Warner Bros. Pictures.  Besides that, we present several themed decorations in different locations. For the visitors, CONNY-LAND will appear in a new fresh face.

What is the current entry fee for the park and will the fee structure remains the same for this year?

For this years, it will remain the same, Adults will pay CHF 29.- and kids will pay CHF 25.- entry fee.


Last year which ride was the most popular among the visitors? And is there any specific reason for the popularity?

Very popular was the family-ride “Mammut tree”. First of all, it’s unique in amusement park. This ride was built for the first time; additionally we updated the ride with some nice effects, so it’s really nice to ride especially with the whole family. And last but not least, the Mammut tree was elected as one of the 10 most popular family rides in Europe (elected by the jury of the IAAPA Euro Attraction Show 2014 and 2015!!!). “Mammut-Tree – wild and scary!”, a family attraction created by Swiss Rides AG, is a ropeway which travels across the whole park area.  The 16-seat gondola gives the passengers a feel of thunderstorm with scary moments like wind blows, lightning flashes, water splashes, and there is thunder. After a few wild and scary moments inside the Mammut-Tree, the ropeway drives back to the bottom.


For the adrenalin-junkies, of course our roller coaster “Cobra” is still the No. 1. It’s the only real roller coaster of Switzerland, and the only one with a loop in our country. The “Cobra” is the longest linear-coaster of Europe.

Important: CONNY-LAND is also elected to be one of the Top10’s best of Europe’s amusement park. That’s pretty amazing!

What is the park USP apart from rides?

We are pretty well known for presenting Patagonian sea lions. Besides that, the visitors appreciate that CONNY-LAND is a very clean, fresh and nice constructed park.







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