Longleat Safari Park Gave Ice Lolly Treat to Monkeys

UK: Who doesn't like an ice lolly in the hot summer days; with humans, this tempting frozen snack is also liked by other species. A group of Rhesus monkeys at Longleat

Longleat Keeper Hand Rears Cheetah Cub

UK: An abandoned cheetah cub is being hand-reared by its caretaker in Longleat Safari Park. The female cub, nicknamed Xena after the warrior princess to mark her fighting qualities, spent the

Sea World Whale Watch of the 2018 Season Spots first Whale

Gold Coast, Australia: The expert team of Sea World Whale Watch tours launched its 2018 Whale Watching season today. Guests on-board spotted the first whale

SEA LIFE London displayed Hissing Cockroaches at Waterloo Station

London, UK: On Tuesday 27th February, Waterloo Station commuters came face-to-face with more than a thousand species of rainforest's biggest cockroach. The hissing cockroaches were displayed on world's first living billboard by Sea

Flamingo Land Resort Yorkshire Sumatran Tiger Cub Takes Her First Steps

North Yorkshire, UK: Sumatran Tiger cub at Flamingo Land Resort Yorkshire steps out for the first time. This cub was born on Friday 25th August at 6:01PM at Flamingo Land Resort

Sea World theme park Polar Bear Cub named Mishka!

Gold Coast, Australia: Mishka, is the name of Polar Bear cub born at Polar Bear Shores in Sea World theme park. Nearly 30,000 people voted in the naming-competition on the Sea

Vote to win a family Sea World holiday

Orlando, Florida: The Polar Bear cub born at marine zoological park Sea World is a girl; the process to search a name is initiated. The cub almost three-month old is continuing to

Contest Winners meet Baby Giraffe They Named At Flamingo Land

Malton, UK: A contest winner family, that named the baby giraffe born at Flamingo Land Resort Yorkshire, got the opportunity to meet her personally. This calf, the sixth member of Flamingo

Shark Reef Aquarium Hosts National Geographic Photo Ark wildlife exhibition

Las Vegas, Nevada:  Shark Reef Aquarium and National Geographic photographer Joel Sartore have come together to host the National Geographic Photo Ark exhibition at Mandalay Bay. This joint effort will

“Polar Journey” Invites Guests at Shark Reef Aquarium Inside Mandalay Bay

Las Vegas, Nevada:  Venture to great depths of the unknown at the world's first Polar Journey exhibit, now open adjacent to Shark Reef Aquarium inside Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.