Blue Water Park a scuba paradise in Alabama

Pelham, Alabama: Blue Water Park is a one stop shop for all Scuba requirements. Divers of all ages can visit this place for their recreational, technical and dive training needs. Mark DiGiorgio, owner of Scubaventures Inc, has 30+ years of experience in the diving industry; he developed this park for those who like to practice diving skills.

Mark DiGiorgio

Mark DiGiorgio

Blue Water Park provides an outstanding service to divers, which is why the park has maintained its full-service capabilities—rental gear (including dry suits), air and nitrox fills, with gear and tank repairs—to keep everything divers could possibly need on the grounds. DiGiorgio says, “We have full facilities for divers from shower/changing rooms to platforms to work off and a full line of rental gear including Nitrox.”

Park’s quarry is spread in at around 26 acres, it has clear waters, with large marine life population and many amazing underwater attractions. While the depth ranges from 4 to 140 feet, the quarry has an average depth of 100 feet, with three 20 foot training platforms and three training pools containing 4 and 10 foot platforms.

The safety procedures adopted for visitors make Blue Water Park the best place to Scuba Dive in the state of Alabama. “We have a trained staff in first aid and CPR, we are just minutes away from the local hospital if something were to happen,” says DiGiorgio.

For site seeing, Blue Water‘s local aquatic life includes bass, sunfish, catfish, bream, bluegill, Japanese koi, carp, freshwater jellyfish, and turtles. Divers will also enjoy lots of sunken debris to look at including fire trucks, cars, boats, a school bus, and a statue of a dolphin.

The best time visit to visit Blue Water Park is from April through November. During the summer months, the surface temperature stays around 86 F. The bottom temperature, however, always remains in the 52 F to 54 F range, with two or three thermo clines. Visibility ranges from approximately 25 feet in the summer to 50-100 feet in the winter. The park is closed from December to March.

Blue Water Park a scuba haven in Alabama

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