Aqua Tornado – Ride For Fun at GRS Fantasy Park Mysore

Mysore, India: GRS Fantasy Park Mysore, It’s a fun overloaded journey all over. It is popular for its rides and amusement park. There are several rides which will give you breath taking experience. As its name says it’s a fantasy world where people come to live the fantasy.

If someone have suggest or “must go” rides then it would be Aqua Tornado and 5D Virtual ride. As its one of the water based ride and it gives you immense pleasure of excitement and fun. People who are adventures should try these rides once in a life time.
Aqua Tornado ride has been seen as a big vowel shaped checkered tunnel. First of all the ride starts from the tunnel and leads to vowel shaped open tunnel and exits with the water floats.

Aqua tornado is a four seated family float ride, it speeds from 450 drop of 35 feet height into a 108” diameter dark tunnel that allows the riders to float at a speed of 20 mph to the opposite side of a huge 60 feet diameter tunnel for a split zero gravity effect. And finally the rider get to experience the end arrival at the splashing landing pool.
It looks scary crazy and amazing to ride it on but worth trying for. It has capacity to entertain 900 people per hour. It drops you with ride massively and swirls you around the checkered tunnel. Safety arrangements are provided with at most responsibility. And safety measures are performed by professionals If there is any mishap.But its Safety and security is guaranteed.

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