Adorable King Penguin chicks hatch at Sea World!

Sea World

Queensland, Australia: Sea World the premier marine animal park in Australia has welcomed three King Penguin chicks to the world-class Penguin Encounter exhibit in the best breeding season ever.

The three chicks have been receiving doting attention from their proud parents and are settling-in well at the Penguin Encounter colony. Sea World Penguin Encounter Supervisor, Katrina Krygger said breeding season is an enriching time for the King Penguins.
“The little chicks are all doing really well and we are very excited that they have hatched close to the viewing windows so guests at Sea World can get a great view of them,” she said.

“The chicks are fed by both parents who regurgitate fish, rich in nutrients, and are growing rapidly from the 200g they weigh when first hatched.
“The colony at Penguin Encounter is also very excited about the hatchings with the birds trumpeting when the chicks’ chirp.

“With King Penguins having the longest gestation period of any bird, it is a testament to the world-class Penguin Encounter exhibit that we have been able to breed King Penguins in successive seasons.”

The King chicks will grow to between 11 -16 kilograms but the gender of the chicks will not be known until a DNA test is taken. Sea World is hosting a naming competition and is asking people to visit the Sea World Australia Facebook page to enter their suggestions.

The $12M Penguin Encounter exhibit is an amazing frozen world which is home to the world’s second largest penguin species, the King Penguin as well Gentoo Penguins.

King and Gentoo Penguins are important ambassadors for climate change and Sea World guests can learn about the effects of climate change in the Antarctic region in the Penguin Encounter educational exhibition.

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Sea World

PHOTO COURTESY: Sea World marine animal park, Australia

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