7 Thrill Rides of Magic Springs Water and Theme Park

Steve Honeycutt, General Manager at Magic Springs

Hot Springs, Arkansas: Magic Springs Water and Theme Park is Arkansas’s only water and theme park.  Founded in 2000, for 16 years, the park has entertained thousands of Arkansans with enthralling coasters, thrilling water rides, entertaining concerts and unique attractions.


Magic Springs Theme Park will resume service for 2016 season on April 9. Steve Honeycutt, General Manager at Magic Springs share details of amazing thrill attractions available for visitors.

How many rides do you have in Thrill Rides category at Magic Springs Water and Theme Park?

We have 7 Thrill Rides Here at Magic Springs, listed below in the order of popularity.

Big Bad John (2002)

Height Restriction: 42 Inches

Three lift hills propel your journey on this runaway mine train adventure across 3,500 feet of track twisting and turning through some of the park’s most beautiful scenery. At three minutes in duration, this coaster is our longest trip, reaching heights of 50 feet and a speed of 30 mph in a screeching tunnel finale plunging you into darkness before returning back to the station.


Arkansas Twister (1992)

 Height Restriction: 48 Inches

Hundreds of thousands of feet of wooden boards zig –zag to create the park’s marquee ride – Arkansas Twister. This classic out-and-back coaster heads out of the station to transport riders to the top of its lift hill after which it releases to a 92-foot drop propelling you through an up-and-down journey across 3,500 feet of track at top speeds of 50 mph. Favorite ride of pop star Michael Jackson. This ride was one of William L “Bill” Cobb’s many masterpieces in roller coaster engineering. Its original home was in Florida where it operated under the names Roaring Tiger and Florida Hurricane.


Te Gauntlet (2004)

Height Restriction:  52 Inches

110-foot drop into a whirling dervish of five inverted loops and mind-blowing bends. You’ll feel strong side-to-side, up-and-down, and front-to-back forces travelling 2,200 feet of steel coaster insanity all while suspended under the coaster’s tracks at speeds up to 50 mph.


Plummet Summit (2005)  Plummet_Summit_50

Height Restriction:  36-42 Inches and Must be accompanied by an Adult.

After a scenic ascent to the top of the lift hill, your boat is released into a wide trough, traversing a 180-degree curve, and finally tilting over the top of the 50-foot chute, quickly accelerating to 34 mph as you crash into 1,500 gallons of flowing water.



X-Coaster (2006)

Height Restriction: 52 Inches

The trip starts with a vertical ascent hitting its peak at 150-feet up in the air. The most talked about highlight of this ride is the thrillingly slow quarter-loop backwards that leaves riders dangling high above the park for a heart-pounding moment before they are sent on a 360-degree corkscrew roll, followed by a plummeting drop at more than 65 mph.

The Hawk (2000)Hawk_50

Height Restriction: 48 Inches

Swoop, soar and dive for prey at heights up to 50 feet. The thrills keep coming as repetitive swings hurtle downward with a boom that rotates 360-degrees both clockwise and counter-clockwise at speeds up to 13 rpm.

Sky Shark (2014)


Height Restriction:  42 Inches

Riders are hoisted to the top of a 115-foot steel arch before plummeting in a free fall back to earth at speeds up to 50 mph.

what are the criteria for a visitor to use these rides?

All Guests must meet minimum height and all other safety requirements of each attraction. These safety requirements are posted at the entrance to each ride.

For thrill seekers, what are the safety guidelines at your park?

Safety is our number one priority. In some situations, Guests may not be permitted to board a ride in the interest of personal safety or the safety of other Guests and employees. Guests must be able to utilize all safety restraints and devices as designed by the manufacturer and must have the ability to maintain the proper upright riding posture throughout the ride’s duration. This includes but is not limited to hands-on handlebars, feet on floor, and a proper upright riding posture.

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