2018 A Strong year for Liseberg

Gothenburg, Sweden : With a busy Christmas season, 2018 ended on a positive note for Liseberg.


More than 520,000 guests visited the amusement park in the center of Gothenburg. Voted as Sweden’s best Christmas market, with a strong Halloweens season, Liseberg can still this year record attendance at more than three million people.

Liseberg’s summer season was affected by an unusually hot summer, the World Cup football and the delayed opening of Valkyria; Liseberg’s 2018 Bolliger & Mabillard Dive Machine. In total, summer attendance decreased by about 4%.

On the other hand, the Halloween season has once again increased considerably, and by Christmas’s closing in Liseberg, more than 520,000 guests had passed through the doors, 40,000 more than in 2017.

The total attendance for the year was 3,055,000, which is in line with the figures for the year 2017. Despite the fact that Liseberg’s business model is very sensitive to climatic and economic conditions, the number of visitors has altered very little in recent years.

“Liseberg’s visitor numbers have stabilized at the higher level established with the launch of HELIX in 2014. This is very very satisfying, as Liseberg operates in an extremely mature market,” says Andreas Andersen, CEO & President of Liseberg.

“However, visitor numbers have varied greatly between seasons, and in recent years the Halloween season and Christmas at Liseberg have taken more place. It shows that Liseberg’s investments in seasonal events is successful. These create a more stable financial foundation in an otherwise sensitive and complicated business model,” says Andreas Andersen.

Turnover is also in line with the 2017 year’s numbers, forecasting a turnover for 2018 of around SEK 1.225 billion for the Liseberg Group.

Liseberg over the next few years plans to invest in both the park (extension of Children’s area 2020) and in a larger expansion of the park with a 450 room themed family hotel and Scandinavia’s largest indoor water park (Liseberg’s Jubilee Project 2022-2023).

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