Zombies invade Liseberg


Gothenburg, Sweden: In a desperate attempt to stop the zombies Liseberg has built barricades out of cars, scrap metal and containers in the area near Balder. Staff who were in the area – District Z – have panicked and locked themselves into an office. When the window is broken the fight for survival begins.


A modern zombie invasion is staged in District Z and the Zombie house of horror. The concept is one of several new additions for Halloween at Liseberg 2016. The Halloween season was launched last year, and over the course of nine days the amusement park was visited by 200,000 guests, twice as many as forecast.Entrance_square_400x

“It was absolutely crazy”, says Thomas Sjöstrand, COO of Liseberg. “It was fantastic that it proved so popular, but at the same time we were unprepared for such strong interest, and as a result we couldn’t always deliver the quality of experience we wanted to. This year we have improved things in every way!”

For one thing, this year’s Halloween season will be longer, lasting 13 days and covering three weekends, and a larger area of the park will be open. There will be more restaurants, more rides, one (and a half) new houses of horror and more than twice as many pumpkins. The ticket system has also been revised.

“There was tremendous demand for our house of horror tickets and we completely sold out in next to no time,” says Thomas Sjöstrand. “This year we have increased capacity and simplified the range of products and booking routine considerably. But demand is expected to be high again this year, so we recommend booking in advance from the web shop.”

There will be mischief – and of course sweets – for the younger Halloween visitors as well. There will be more candy stalls in Candy Land, candy hunts for all children, plus two 3.5-metre-high candy statues. There will be a disco in Rabbit Land and rabbit theatre among the witches and pumpkins.

“Although we have extended the horror concept this year with District Z, the Zombie house of horror, a much darker Harbour Area, and also made The Experiment house of horror more than twice as long and much bloodier, Halloween at Liseberg is still designed to appeal to both younger and older kids,” says Lotta Carlsbogård, concept developer at Liseberg. “There will be tricks and treats for everyone!”Corridor_square_400x

Quick facts, Halloween at Liseberg 2016

Open: 21–23 October and 28 October – 6 November (entire autumn break plus two previous weekends).

Number of pumpkins: 25,000.

Horror zones: Harbour Area and District Z. Everyone is welcome here, but after darkness falls the horror zones are filled with infected ghosts and hungry zombies, so young children may find it too scary.

Houses of Horror: Zombie, Infected – Gasten Ghost Hotel, The House of Dolls and The Experiment. All houses of horror have a minimum age limit of 11. A visit to a house of horror costs 3 coupons (SEK 60).

Rides & Attractions: 30 rides and attractions are open during Halloween. The Halloween Ride Pass Mini is valid on 18 of the smaller rides and attractions.

Get the full Halloween experience: All-in-One costs SEK 395 and includes admission, free rides on 30 rides and attractions, and as many visits as you want to the four houses of horror. When you buy at liseberg.se you also get three Express Pass tickets that you can use on rides, attractions and houses of horror. Liseberg Annual Pass holders pay SEK 325 and Gold Pass Maxi holders pay SEK 125 for the same package.

Ticket release: Halloween tickets are available from the Liseberg web shop from 11 October at 9.00.

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