ZIP Trip of ZipZone Adventure Park

British Columbia, Canada: ZipZone Adventure Park provides guests an outdoor adventure experience filled with high speed fun and an up-close view of the forest canopy. Each tour is designed to fit into the schedules of today’s active families and professionals, as well as adventure seekers.

The extreme height of Zip lines is a real buzz for thrill seekers, plus the park is well known for the quality of the zipping experience, with quirky sense of humor and the many hidden extras on the course.
The park has 6 ziplines that are some of the highest freestyle ziplines in Canada, with the highest being 381ft high. Each of their lines is tuned to provide a different experience; the first line is set slower, to give guests more time in the air high above the canyon, the next line is set fast to give guests the thrill of high-speed zipping down the throat of the canyon.

ZIP Trip of ZipZone Adventure Park

Kevin Bennett

ZipZone Adventure Park’s signature line is the “Dangleator” where zippers fly upside down 250+ft in the air. They call this experience “Doing the Dangle(tm)” and have trademarked the expression. The park also has the Leap of Faith, an 80ft pole installed close to the edge of the canyon that guests must first climb up (a thrill in itself, as the climb gets more challenging the higher you go!) and then leap off, attached to a freefall Quick Jump device.

ZipZone make use of Petzl full-body harnesses attached with two lanyards to a Robertson’s SR-71 trolley with it’s built in redundant carry system. It’s an excellent set up and as fail-proof as is humanly possible. In addition to British Columbia Safety Authority inspections, park conduct’s daily, weekly and monthly inspections of the course and all equipment. “All of our staff spend 5 full days on technical training, plus regular and random refresher training throughout the season,” said Kevin Bennett President and owner of ZipZone Adventure Park.

The best time to visit ZipZone Adventure Park is mid-April to mid-October each year. “The summer is always great, of course, with warm summer days and clear skies, but September can be exceptional as we sometimes get inversions that push the clouds into the valley, so you’re zipping through thick fog. You don’t get the views, but it’s an incredible, surreal experience,” says, Bennett.

The first zip line tour in Franklin County, ZipZone is located just north of Interstate 270 off of U.S. Route 23 in scenic Camp Mary Orton near Worthington, Ohio. Guests must be at least 7 years old and weigh a minimum of 50 lbs (maximum weight 270 lbs).

ZIP Trip of ZipZone Adventure Park

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