The Smiler triumphs in Alton Towers Resort

Staffordshire, UK: With summer football season, some most popular rides and attractions at Alton Towers Resort have been fighting it out to win its own one online Whirled Cup competition and today, The Smiler has been voted the champion.

To celebrate this victory, Alton Towers Resort is offering free fastrack tickets to the first 100 people on Sunday 13th May – World Cup Final day. The Smiler got 52% votes in a close fought battle with Nemesis. Since launching in May 2013, The Smiler, which is the world’s first 14 loop coaster, has been ridden by over 2 million people and travelled over 4 million miles in its first year of opening.

The cost to build this attraction is £18 million, is twice the size of Nemesis and has a track length 3x the length of Oblivion. Merging together a series of twisted psychological effects with plunging drops and its world beating 14 loops, The Smiler stands as is the most intense ride experience at the UK’s number 1 theme park.

This summer, visit Alton Towers Resort to experience The Smile, along with other adrenalin pumping roller coasters including Nemesis, Oblivion, Air, Rita and TH13TEEN. Save up to 25% on tickets by booking online at

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