Water Park Offers For Summer Season In India

Ajay Sarin, president of Indian Association of Amusement Parks & Industries (IAAPI)

Ajay Sarin, president of Indian Association of Amusement Parks & Industries (IAAPI)

Indian Association of Amusement Parks & Industries (IAAPI) urged Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India, to promote Indian Theme parks on their website:  Ajay Sarin, president (IAAPI).

Mumbai, India: India experiences hot weather season primarily during April to June. India Meteorological Department on 31st March, in a press release has informed that the year 2015 was the third warmest on record since 1901. During the same season in 2016, warmer than normal temperatures are expected in all meteorological sub-divisions of the country.

So, Summer season is on, this is the hottest time in many parts of India when temperature crosses even 45 degrees. The weather is fast reaching boiling point but summer vacations for schools and colleges have just begun! On weekends and even in weekdays water parks can be a good place to cool down the heat.

For water parks in India, summer is the most busy period of the year, Ajay Sarin, president of Indian Association of Amusement Parks & Industries (IAAPI), explains that the length of this season may vary in different regions by several weeks or days. Like in North India the peak season for water parks is from May to June end, but for South India the season starts from 20th April and continues till 2nd week of June, whereas for Eastern part of India the season starts in April and prolong till June end. “Summer season is very important for the guest visiting to the water parks, due to high temperature of 45 degree, everyone want to enjoy and make them self cool. That’s the only source of outdoor entertainment for kids where they can play with their family / friends in water parks “ says Mr Sarin.

India has around 120 theme parks, with projects currently under development. In the past five to six years a lot has been spent by the new and existing players in Indian Theme park Industry. In 2009, Ernst & Young had predicted that Indian Theme Park industry will grow at 15-18 per cent CAGR year-on-year, sharing the business expectations for 2016 Mr Sarin said “2015 was very good season for majority of parks but there was big financial loss also due to implementation of service tax by the Government of India in June 2015. This year again parks are ready to attract huge guests and planned for new attractions in there parks and we are expecting lot of tourist also.”

Government of India has launched e-Tourist Visa on November 2014, till now the scheme has been extended to 113 countries at nine airports designated for providing e-Tourist visa service. The Government has also set a goal to achieve a level of 11.24 million Foreign Tourist Arrivals by the year 2016 -17. The Indian Amusement Parks industry is looking towards this new development as good opportunity for business.

“We thank to Tourism Ministry & External Affair Ministry for implementing the facility of providing ‘Visa on Arrival’ and our industry is definitely expecting large number of guests in there park but we need support from Ministry of Tourism, if they can promote our parks on their website. We already have given our representation to the ministry of tourism of all states. We have got good opportunity and we trying to catch this opportunity by way of doing more publicity in newspaper, magazine and through travel agents” communicates Mr Sarin.

Water is recycled in water parks to avoid the wastage of water still drought has affected water park industry, speaking about the Mechanical process like water recycling methods that parks have adopted to deal with this situation Mr Sarin explained “ The filters installed for such activities are back washed minimum once in a day and maximum thrice in a day(depending upon footfall). 95% of water is recovered after treatment through effluent treatment plant, only 5% of water goes waste. Further, in most of water/amusement parks sewage treatment plants(STP) are installed and the sewage generated from toilets goes for the treatment in STP and the water @95% is treated and the treated water used in grass/trees/flowers etc.”


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