Biddinghuizen, Netherlands: Walibi Holland launched its latest attraction, NeuroGen. Well-known social influencers such as Giel de Winter (StukTV), Bibi Heijman, Kaj Gorgels and Thomas Cox, were present  to experience the virtual reality treatment with real, live 3D content.

NeuroGen is Doctor Jenkins’ new neuro clinic. This successful American doctor guarantees an increase of up to 20% in his patients’ neurological capacity. Doctor Jenkins’ patients sit in a special chair in one of the Neurogen chambers where they are given VR glasses.

Mascha van Till, Director of Walibi Holland said, “NeuroGen is an attraction that goes further than 3D films and VR applications as we know them in the sector. It is a combination of real life 3D content, VR, binaural headphones and a special chair for ‘patients’ that is equipped with various effects. And you enter the NeuroGen completely alone, just like when you go to the doctor….. This attraction is perfectly in keeping with what we seek to achieve with Walibi Holland. Our new ‘Dare to get Real’ pay off says it all”.

NeuroGen is open to guests from Friday 14 April. Free tickets for this attraction are available at the park. An option to the reserve a ticket online in advance is also available for 5 Euros. Given the intensity of NeuroGen, guest must be at least 16 years of age.

Walibi Holland opens on 14 April and remains open until 29 October. There are various events during the high season and Walibi Holland is open until 23:00 hours on some days. Check the walibi.nl website for details and for special subscription promotions.


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