TusenFryd Invests 45 million NOK in a new ride “Ragnarok”

New ride of Tusenfryd an amusement park “Ragnarok”

New ride of Tusenfryd  amusement park “Ragnarok”

Vinterbro, Norway : Tusenfryd an amusement park at Vinterbro, Norway brake ground and builds Norway’s toughest water-based attraction, unique in its kind in Northern Europe. An exciting river race of half a kilometre will be constructed, and in the wild rapids awaits several waterfalls, a maelstrom and other challenging obstacles.


Once again TusenFryd invests considerable resources to offer the public new, unique experiences in the park. For the 2016 season the audience can expect a brand new attraction costing approx. 45 million NOK, supplied by Hafema, Germany. Also there are grand proportions over the artificial river that will now be constructed.
The ride, named “Ragnarok”, has been planned for several years. In all, 18,000 cubic-meter of ground masses are to be removed, which corresponds to 1,200 truckloads. Thereafter, 2.000 cubic-meter of concrete will be cast on an area equivalent to 3,500 square meters. When the construction is completed, there will be 1.3 million litres of water will be pumped in the river bed, and two large pumps that each push 2,200 litres of water per second will create a strong current in the river.
The attraction has a capacity of approx. 900 guests per hour. The audience will go on board in one of nine rafts that each takes nine passengers. Along the river, they have to ride through two waterfalls, a swirling maelstrom and a tunnel and other exciting challenges. The whole attraction adorned with a Norse theme, in keeping with the design of “Thor’s Hammer” which is another well-known favourite in the park.

“We are now exploiting the good topographic characteristics on the plot and build an attraction that brings the park something completely new and spectacular” says marketing manager Erik Andersen at TusenFryd. The river will follow the falling terrain starting close by “Thor’s Hammer” and then sling 500 meters on the plot.

This is a great family attraction. We are proud to offer our audience new unique quality attractions, and look forward with expectation to be able to wish guests a thrilling ride with this new family attraction in the spring, added Andersen.

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