Thrill Rides Of Century-Old Oaks Amusement Park

Portland, Oregon: Oaks Amusement Park opened in 1905, is one of the oldest continuously operating amusement parks in America. Built by Oregon Water Power and Navigation Company, the Park has two dozen rides, including thrill rides, family rides and kiddie rides.

Hershell-Spillman Carousel built in 1911 is the signature attraction of Oaks Amusement Park. “While the bigger thrill rides are most popular, our Carousel is definitely our signature ride,” says Emily MacKay, Promotions & Events Manager, Oaks Park Association.

For thrill seeker Oaks also has rides like Scream-n-Eagle and Looping Thunder Coaster. These are two most popular thrill rides among the guests “The Scream’N Eagle and Looping thunder are always hugely popular for their edge-of-your-seat thrills,” Said Emily MacKay. “The train ride is also hugely popular as a classic way for the family to slow down for a few minutes and enjoy a loop around our beautiful grounds and enjoy the backdrop of Portland’s west hills, and the Willamette River. And the vintage rides that have been in the park for 40+ years such as the Rock-O-Plane, Scrambler, and bumper cars.”

Spread in 44-acre, park ‘s history and longevity keep visitors flow intact. “Portland was still a new town when we were built and so we’re really part of the fabric of the city. Also, our roller skating rink. We’re the last to play a live pipe organ, and have the most successful competitive skating club in the U. S,”  says  Emily MacKay.

In addition to the rides Oaks have one of the largest and unique roller skating rinks in America, which operates year round, a miniature golf course, a new toddler soft-play area (just installed this year), midway games, reservable picnics areas, and a reception hall. The park is also in the process of adding a new museum display in a freshly restored 1905 building, highlighting its 111 year history.

For rides, weekdays are great, all summer long park has offers a different discount each day of the week, and the lines are shorter. “For roller skating, any time! The rink is open year round, so it is ideal for getting out of the house on many rainy Portland days!” said Emily.

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Image courtesy: Oaks Amusement Park

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