The London Dungeon presents Wicked Women featuring Warrior-Queen Boudica

London, UK: Fierce-some queen Boudica will be parking her stolen Roman chariot at the London Dungeon this February half term to kick off a season of ‘Wicked Women’ where some of the history’s most infamous females will be put in the spotlight.

Guests will meet the fiery redheaded warrior, who was a queen of the ancient British Iceni tribe, on the hunt for the Romans who have humiliated her people and assaulted her family in an all-new show. Everyone will be under scrutiny as the fearless leader seeks out her enemies, intent on revenge! No shrinking violet, Queen Boudica put the ’Pow’ in Girl Power, heading an army to lay waste to Londonium and Verulamium (modern day London and St Albans) in around 60 AD, notching up a death count of tens of thousands in the process. She succeeded in running the world’s most powerful force, the Roman army, out of town with a fraction of their resources, and her methods were brutal and ruthless. But was she really wicked, or were her actions justified in war? After re-living her story, it’s up to guests to decide.

Then it’s down into the depths of the dungeon to meet a cast full of wicked women and vile men, from Sweeney Todd and his side-kick Mrs. Lovett to Jack the Ripper and murderous monarch Henry VIII, plus two thrilling rides and plenty of edge of the seat surprises.

And watch out for more Wicked Women visiting the London Dungeon this year… it won’t be pretty!

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