Tivoli now expanding its Nimb Hotel

Nimb Hotel

København, Denmark: As part of Tivoli’s strategy to attract more tourists to Copenhagen and meet the growing demand from visitors desiring luxury experiences, Tivoli is now expanding its award-winning Nimb Hotel by 2,000 m2. The expansion is part of Tivoli Corner, a three-figure million DKK investment, and visitors can look forward to more than 20 new luxury suites and a spectacular roof terrace featuring a heated pool, restaurant and bar.


Tivoli is entering into a strategic partnership with Holckenhavn Castle, a renaissance castle on the island of Funen, in which both organisations will offer experiences that deep-pocketed foreign visitors would be unlikely to discover independently. The partnership will help to establish Copenhagen and Denmark as a unique destination. Wonderful Copenhagen is excited about the initiative.

The new partnership will in future enable Tivoli and Holckenhavn Castle to offer tailored accommodation, a limousine service, historical tours and world-class gastronomy that complement one another while raising awareness of Denmark as a tourist destination – initially across the capital region and Funen. This enables both partners to meet the growing demand from visitors seeking unique luxury experiences. With its grand setting and high gastronomic standard, Holckenhavn Castle offers a special kind of authenticity that impresses tourists from all over the world.

Nimb Hotel

“Tivoli’s new partnership with Holckenhavn Castle strengthens the overall experience of Tivoli as a commodity – and that of Copenhagen as a whole – while also being an interesting example of inter-regional tourism partnership. Tourism in the capital is still growing – it grew by about 7 per cent in 2015 alone. To maintain this growth, it’s vital that we develop our range of experiences and create new kinds of partnerships, both within and outside the city, and this is a good example of what can be done” said Mikkel Aarø-Hansen, CEO of Wonderful Copenhagen.
When Tivoli Corner is finished towards the end of 2017, Nimb Hotel, recently named the best in the world by Small Luxury Hotels, is not only opening the doors to new luxury suites. The roof of the hotel, in an area 1,300 m2 in size, will house Copenhagen’s first outdoor heated pool, a pool bar, sun terrace and a large restaurant and bar. The roof terrace has a unique location with views of both the city and Tivoli, and will be a fantastic setting for special celebrations and events.

“Nimb Hotel is getting a lot of international recognition, so it makes sense for us to take a step further and expand it. Partly to meet the rising demand for unique hotel accommodation at the exclusive end of the market, but also to help position Copenhagen and Denmark in regard to an attractive, quality-conscious target group. With our new partner on Funen, we are improving our opportunities to attract more deep-pocketed tourists. The way I see it, Holckenhavn Castle is a perfect match for Nimb Hotel if we want to encourage visitors to try experiences outside of Copenhagen – which, of course, is one of our goals in regard to Danish tourism” explains Lars Liebst, Tivoli’s CEO.
Holckenhavn Castle has been owned by the Holck family since 1672, and 14 generations later it is run by Christina and Dennis Hou Holck. Holckenhavn Castle is a renaissance castle with over 128 halls, rooms and suites.

Nimb Hotel was named the world’s best hotel by Small Luxury Hotels in November 2015. Nimb was selected from 520 hotels in 82 countries. In December 2015, Trivago named Nimb Hotel Denmark’s best hotel. Nimb Hotel currently consists of 17 unique rooms and suites, is being expanded by a total of 2,000 m2. At the top of Nimb Hotel will be a 400 m2 restaurant and bar, plus a 900 m2 terrace which will feature a heated pool that will open all year round, a sun-terrace and a pool bar.

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