SEA LIFE London displayed Hissing Cockroaches at Waterloo Station

London, UK: On Tuesday 27th February, Waterloo Station commuters came face-to-face with more than a thousand species of rainforest’s biggest cockroach.

The hissing cockroaches were displayed on world’s first living billboard by Sea Life London to promote Rainforest Adventure.

Rainforest Adventure is the Sea Life London’s most interactive and fearsome experience starting on Saturday 24th March.

The two to three inches long cockroach with six crooked legs, antenna horns, and a long black and brown body, is a part of new fully immersive and sensory experience at the aquarium on the South Bank.

Helen Bull, General Manager at Sea Life London, said: Helen Bull, General Manager at Sea Life London, said: “From the most fearsome predators to the creepiest critters the Amazon rainforest is a rich and diverse habitat of species and we wanted to give Londoners a truly unforgettable commute by unveiling the world’s first living billboard at Waterloo Station.

“The Hissing Cockroach is just one of the amazing species that will be on display as part of Sea Life London’s new Rainforest Adventure experience and we can’t wait for guests to brave the bugs and explore our most fearsome and interactive experience yet when it opens to the public just in time for Easter.”

Guests can also discover thousands of other Amazon’s most amazing inhabitants including the UK’s largest population of Piranhas, Crocodiles, Poison Dart Frogs, Snapping and Pig-Nosed Turtles, and the world’s largest species of spider – The Goliath Bird Eating Spider.

The Amazon adventure begins at the Rainforest Ranger hut, where visitors will be guided by the experience of the Rainforest Ranger and virtual guide, TV adventurer Andy Torbet.

Guests will also visit the Riverside research camp, where they will learn everything about fascinating animals on display, their habitat and the importance of conservation.

From the impressive arachnid spiders to toe-curling cockroaches, the visitor can get closer to newly created tanks that allow explorers to see these species from 360 °.

Rainforest Adventure will be a permanent addition to Sea Life London and will be included in the entry price. Visitors can also visit about 10,000 colourful aquatic inhabitants, representing over 500 species in 52 immersive displays.

Open seven days a week from 10 AM. Please check the Sea Life London website for last entry times, as they may differ.


Prices from £26 per adult, £21 per child (3-15 years).

Prices correct for 2018 admissions.
Please note Behind the Scenes Tour tickets are priced separately.

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