Rapids Ride For Theme Parks by ABC Engineering AG

Sascha Borbelj, Business Development Manager of ABC Engineering AG explains the concept of Rapids Ride of Theme Park .River-Splash-13

Wollerau, Switzerland: The river rapids ride concept consists of circular rafts running down an artificial wild water channel with a slight gradient, where the passengers in the rafts get turned around by bumping slightly the channel walls. Depending on the artificial waves, created by obstacles fitted on the channel bottom, the passengers get more or less wet. Optional features like waterfall, wave machine, geyser or whirlpool make the attractive ride even more exiting.


The rafts have two main components: the inner fiberglass body with handrail for 6-9 passengers faced toward center of the boat and the outer rubber ring as a shock absorbing bumper.

The ride starts with loading the passengers in the station, generally at the highest point of the ride, where the main circulation pumps bring the water from the bottom level to create the necessary water flow for the rafts to float down through the channel back to the water reservoir which collects all the water when shut down. At this level the
rafts enter to the elevation lift which carries them back to the top in to the station with the un-/loading area.

ABC Rides provides an unique version called “River Splash”. Main advantage is the compact foot print thanks to a high, vertical elevation lift in combination with spiral steel channel. Excitement for the whole family!

To guarantee the proper function of the rides and its components (including water condition!) several checkups are necessary. ABC Rides does provide the necessary maintenance and operation manuals with clear daily/monthly/yearly instructions to be followed. Due to safety reasons only by ABC trained theme park staff is allowed to do the safety checks and the failure reports.

logo abc rides switzerlandABC Engineering AG, founded in 1997, has been in business with a track record of a variety of successfully operating water and other park rides and the design of special ride elements, some of which are unique and only offered by ABC like the recently introduced “Tourbillon” with a complete new ride experience.

In 2017 ABC will celebrate its 20th anniversary. Reason enough to be proud of the success of an innovative and forward-thinking company. Highly qualified engineers and staff have partly over 30 years of experience in the amusement business and use their know-how to manufacture off-the-shelf and custom designed rides.

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