Radio Waves Issues Guidance to Movie Theaters and Theme Parks about the New Motorola DLR Digital Two-Way Radios

PARKER, TX: Radio Waves, a nationwide Motorola authorized two-way radio reseller, is issuing guidance to movie theatres and theme parks on the customer service and team management benefits of equipping their staff with the new Motorola DLR Digital two-way radios.

“Many people don’t realize that behind-the-scenes, movie theaters and especially theme parks carry out highly sophisticated communication processes that rival any large enterprise or operation,” commented Kelly Madonna, President of Radio Waves. “The new Motorola DLR Digital two-way radios are ideal for achieving their key communication objectives.”

Key features of the new DLR Digital two-way radios that Madonna and her team at Radio Waves see as the most beneficial for movie theatres and theme parks include:

Immediate response: the radios allow all staff to communicate instantly, which improves safety, customer service, and operational efficiency.

Extreme range: the radios deliver clear communications indoors or outdoors covering up to 300,000 square feet/20 floors, or up to 600,000 square feet by adding the optional range extender.

License-free operation: there are no regulatory licenses to purchase or administrative fees.

Compact design: the small and lightweight design that allows staff to wear the radios on their belt, or carry in their pocket, purse or bag.

Ease of use: the radios are designed for easy operation and feature voice prompts — staff simply pick up a radio and start communicating.

Enhanced privacy: the radios operate in the 900 MHz ISM, which prevents conversations from being overheard by operators of nearby devices that use over-subscribed analog frequencies. The radios also use hopping technology that continually changes frequencies, which makes it virtually impossible for unauthorized parties to listen in.

Antimicrobial protection: the radios feature built-in antimicrobial materials that inhibit the growth of bacteria and mold on radio surfaces.

Other special features of the new DLR Digital two-way radios include: private reply, direct call, call all available, instant mute, talk permit tones, home channel, long 14-hour battery life, antimicrobial protection, comfortable ear pieces, and advanced configuration menus.

Headquartered in Parker, Texas, Radio Waves serves customers throughout the U.S.

We focus on stellar customer service to best fit a customer’s communications needs and are able to provide ongoing superior technical support. As an authorized Motorola business two-way radio reseller, we are able to provide Motorola’s industry-defining products.


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