Les Epesses, France : France’s second most visited theme park is proud to introduce a brand new show to its programme. Le Dernier Panache, recreates the story of Charette, the eighteenth century French naval hero.  The show will be housed in its own custom-built theatre, The Theatre of Giants.


Audiences can now be whisked back in time to the 18th century and discover the French heroes who fought in the American War of Independence and the French Revolution. Le Dernier Panache, is based upon real life events, bringing an epic story to life. Audiences will be swept away in a show which follows the incredible journey of François AthanaseCharette of Contrie, affectionately known as “Charette.”

Laurent Albert, General Manager, Grand Parc du Puy du Fou

Laurent Albert, General Manager, Grand Parc du Puy du Fou

“In 2016, an incredible show room will emerge from the ground, to give rise to a new original creation at the Puy du Fou: Le Dernier Panache! The Puy du Fou has never seen anything so big!” says  Laurent Albert, General Manager, Grand Parc du Puy du Fou.

The show begins on the island of St Helena, with Napoleon writing his memoirs, reflecting upon the courage, strength and military genius of a man he believed knew all – Charette. The audience then witnesses a young Charette opening his birthday present – a model boat. It is this present that inspires Charette to fulfil his destiny of becoming one of the greatest naval officers France has ever known. The audience is then flung into 1770, and so begins the adventure of a little boy who becomes a hero.

It is a fast-paced tale; from Charette’s naval graduation, to fighting the largest naval battle alongside Lafayette and Admiral La Motte Piquet during the American War of Independence, through to his decoration by George Washington. When he returns to France, the country is at the brink of revolution. Charette’s fate is secured and is played out in the ultimate struggle for freedom in the midst of an incredible tragedy, which ends in 1796. A multitude of real sets, video projection in UltraHD – that spans over 100 meters in the 360 degree theatre – and a poignant, original score brings this spectacular story to life.  Of the cast of 30 actors, two children (aged between 7 and 12) are graduates of the Puy du Fou Junior Academy.


Puy du Fou a rural theme park without any rides, provides a journey back in time with its thrilling entertainment, and an exotic interlude in an unspoilt, natural setting and makes a profound impression on all visitors. ” Our 7 grand shows were all very popular : Triumph’s Sign, The Vikings, The Phantom Birds’ Dance, The Secret of the Lance, Richelieu’s musketeer, the Organs of Fire and the Cinéscénie. They all offer a multitude of spectacular performances, and adventures for the whole family” added Mr Albert.


Created in 1978, Puy du Fou was crowned as world’s best park in March 2012 in Los Angeles (Thea Classic Award) and once again in November 2014 in Orlando (Applause Award), it was also voted France’s favourite  park following an IFOP survey in June 2013. This second largest theme park of France is expecting additional footfall as compared to last year explained Mr Albert “If we consider a good weather and no more safety problems, we think that 2016 will be a good year for the Puy du Fou and for the theme park industry. We think we will go over the 2015 attendance which was 2.054.000 visitors.”


The Puy du Fou is a group mainly composed of an association under the French Law of 1901 and a Simplified Joint Stock Company. The association organises the Cinéscénie show with 3,650 volunteers and holds the Simplified Joint Stock Company which manages the Grand Parc (60 daytime and evening shows, 4 period villages, 25 restaurants and 4 themed hotels). Both structures contribute to financing the Junior Academy with its 26 schools, which train over 600 young people every year in performing arts and techniques. 12711056_10153539613285805_5737312062301675078_o

With Puy du Fou International, the park spreads its expertise all over the world by advising project leaders in creating parks and shows based on the Puy du Fou model. Since its creation, Puy du Fou has enjoyed an annual growth of 10% in all its activities.

Puy du Fou opened for the 2016 season  on 2 April,  with a slight raise in  entry fees, concluded Mr Albert “Our entry fees have increased a little for 2016. Tickets to the Grand Park start at 32 Euros per adult.  A one night stay at Puy du Fou, including access to the Grand Park and Hotel, starts from 57 Euros per person.”

Deepak Tiwari, Business Editor, AmusementParks News Bureau: news@amusementparksnews.com

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