New Europa-Park themed Airbus A320 Ed and Edda fly Eurowings

New Europa-Park themed Airbus A320 Ed and Edda fly Eurowings

Rust, Germany : The two Europa-Park characters can be seen smiling from an Airbus A320 from the well-known quality low-cost airline. The airplane with the striking special themed painting is one element of a new partnership between Europa-Park and Eurowings. The Airbus is based in Stuttgart, where the airline is the market leader. Stuttgart airport is only a two-hour drive away from Rust and offers visitors from all over Europe quick access to the best theme park worldwide with its internationally oriented transport network.

The reason for the Europa-Park themed airplane is the take-off of the largest Flying Theater on the continent – the exciting Voletarium, a new major attraction opening in June 2017. The Voletarium is the largest single investment in an attraction in the history of Europa-Park. In two theatre halls, up to 140 passengers simultaneously glide through the gigantic room in spectacular chairlift-style flying machines in. On the over 400 square meter large screens with a diameter of 21-meters, sensational depictions of Europe’s most famous landscapes and metropolises can be admired. Effects such as the wind, water, and scent make crossing the 16-meter-high domes a feast for the senses and intensify the feeling of flying like never before! Eurowings is visually integrated into the attraction in different areas and is, thus, visible to millions of visitors. In return, the airline is set to promote Germany’s largest theme park all across Europe with the Airbus A320 in the blue Europa-Park design emblazoned with the two beloved Europa-Park characters, Ed and Edda. The airplane was painted in Norwich in March and has recently made its way to Stuttgart. Around 350 liters of blue paint went into the stunning artwork.

“Europa-Park fascinates people and flying has always fascinated people”, says Oliver Wagner, Director of Eurowings. “Our airline and Europa-Park form the perfect combination. We are very proud to promote the most important leisure attraction in Germany with one of our airplanes across the whole continent. Each year, Eurowings escorts millions of people on their holidays; flying and the sharing of great experiences together with family and friends just belong together. That is why this partnership will be a great success. We are very happy that our company was the desired partner for this great project and that we could get this special airplane in the air so quickly. Both partners April 2017 will considerably benefit from this campaign.” Europa-Park owner Dr.-Ing. h.c. Roland Mack is also enthusiastic about the new partnership. “With the Voletarium, we open a great new attraction in June, one that comes very close to the dream of flying. We are very happy to have Eurowings as our new sponsor and to see Ed and Edda on board the Airbus A320. Both companies fly passionately to new heights to fascinate their passengers – it is a partnership that makes sense.”

On 1st April, Europa-Park has begun the new 2017 summer season. This year, more than 5.5 million visitors, who can enjoy 15 European themed areas with more than 100 attractions and over 23 hours of show program in total, are expected. Overall more than 110 million people have visited Germany´s largest theme park since its opening in 1975.

Europa-Park is open throughout the summer season from 1st of April to 5th of November 2017 daily from 9 am to 6 pm (longer opening hours during peak season).

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