Neon Museum Brings “BRILLIANT!”

Las Vegas, Nevada: Neon Museum revives 40 monumental samples of iconic antique signs of the museum with “Brilliant!.”

This is a new audiovisual immersion experience presented after dark in the Neon Museum’s North Gallery, “Brilliant!” is created by digital artist and designer Craig Winslow.

Winslow used projection mapping to achieve a common experience of augmented reality. Earth Water Sky served as the system designer and integrator.

For 30-minute up to 50 guests are simultaneously transported directly to the history of Las Vegas, where static signs come alive, accompanied by the music of some of the most famous performers of the entertainment industry.

“Brilliant!” uses 24 3D-sound speakers and eight projectors emitting a total of 80,000 lumens of light to create an audiovisual experience of 360 degrees. The famous company YESCO has built two climate control 20-foot towers, designed to resemble a classic champagne cylinder with an old hotel and a Flamingo Las Vegas casino. They place projectors that are aligned with exact angles to cover the entire territory of the North Gallery space.

Performances of “Brilliant!” are held after dark, from Monday to Wednesday.

Tickets are $ 23 for general admission and $ 15 for local residents, students, seniors and military personnel and active service veterans. Combined tickets that combine “Brilliant!” with a guided tour of the Neon Museum Boneyard, are also offered and priced at $40 for general admission and $30 for the discounted rate.

Information Source: Neon Museum
Photo courtesy of Neon Museum

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