Roller Coaster That Is Orlando‘S Fastest Tallest And Longest ‘Mako’ Launching On June 10 At Seaworld


SeaWorld Entertainment Mako 2016

Orlando, Florida: SeaWorld Entertainment, a leading theme park and entertainment company, last year had announced big thrills for vacationers in 2016 at two of its Florida parks – SeaWorld Orlando and Busch Gardens Tampa.



On June 10th, SeaWorld Orlando will launch Mako, a 200-foot-tall hypercoaster that will reach 73 mph along 4,760 feet of steel track – nearly a mile long — and leave riders feeling both breathless and weightless. Named for one of the ocean’s fastest known sharks, the park officials described it as the speediest roller coaster in Orlando.

Brian Marrow, VP of Theme Park Experience and Design said “Mako – Surge through a shipwreck reef as the shark and an experience the ocean as an apex predator on SeaWorld’s all-new hypercoaster, Orlando’s tallest, fastest and longest roller coaster.”

Brian Marrow, VP of Theme Park Experience and Design, SeaWorld Entertainment

Brian Marrow, VP of Theme Park Experience and Design, SeaWorld Entertainment

The coaster trains were custom-designed, inspired by the Mako Shark, in steel origami form. There will be up to three trains running at a time with 28 riders per train. The new coaster also will become one of the world’s few true hypercoasters as informed by SeaWorld. A hypercoaster is any roller coaster that stands between 200-299 feet tall and sets out to give riders big drops or airtime. A group of roller coasters are known for high speeds, steep drops and hills that create a feeling of weightlessness or air time. The feeling of weightlessness is experienced on amusement rides, but usually achieved more strongly by the train of a roller coaster going over a hill. To make this more exciting Marko has added Nine such air-time hills.

SeaWorld’s new hypercoaster will be the centerpiece of the newly themed surrounding realm focused on sharks. The 2-acre plaza will be redesigned with new pathway theming and educational experiences, and feature Mako, Shark Encounter, Sharks Underwater Grill, and themed shops. Elaborating more on the concept of this ride Brain added ” SeaWorld has a history of combining ride experience with animal stories, we have had a world class shark habitat for years at the park but we only told part of the story. Adding Marko to the realm and envisioning the space allows our guests to learn more about these amazing animals in a fun and meaningful way.”

Bolliger & Mabillard, ride manufacturers of Switzerland has creating this roller coaster, the construction has taken a little over a year. “With a portfolio that includes nearly 100 coasters throughout the world, B&M is renowned for the quality of their design,” concluded Brain.

Also in 2016, Busch Gardens Tampa will put a spin on thrills with a brand new family thrill ride – Cobra’s Curse. This spin coaster is the only one of its kind in the world, and only found at Busch Gardens in Tampa.

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