Luxury and Convenience at Camaya Coast with Semnox’s Integrated Cashless Solution

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Mandaluyong, Philippines: Why carry cash around, when you can have fast, hassle-free, cashless transactions?

Your comfort and convenience is of the highest value at Camaya. That is why Camaya Coast is working to be the first and only residential-resort beach community in the country to have cashless convenience. Made possible by Semnox Solutions in partnership with Contextus Corporation, the cashless payment system puts Camaya Coast along the ranks of world-class resorts and theme parks around the globe.

Semnox and Contextus have implemented an advanced system that provides you with a reloadable debit card for exclusive use at Camaya Coast. The card can be used to enter the premisesand enjoy the resort amenities through an automated access control system that validates every entry. The same card can be used for meals and snacks at the Wood Pavilion and other food stalls such as Big Chill and potato Corner, or rent bikes and aqua-sports equipment. With a sophisticated RFID based locker system, the same cashless card can be used as a secured key to open the locks bringing more convenience to customers. Its high-speed tap-and-go technology will change the way you enjoy your vacation. These cards will be reloadable online via, and on-site via the self-service reloading stations that will be strategically placed all over the property.

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“It’s the convenience of not bringing any wallet or cash whenever you’re going to the beach. Paying is like a breeze! Not only does it improve customer experience via faster transactions, but also improve hygiene in food services because of the reduction of cash handling. Being digital is awesome!” said John, Sales Director, Camaya Coast.

“Camaya Coast’s vision is to offer a different lifestyle experience for their guests ensuring convenience, security and ease of use. We needed a solution that will be able to meet the demand from thousands of guests but would be flexible and scalable enough. This was achieved through Semnox because of the strong and comprehensive suite of Parafait products. “saidHerbert Joei L. Bactong, President, Contextus Community Technologies Corp. “Semnox has been very supportive with our partnership and has helped us from conceptualization up to go-live and they even customized a solution to meet our needs” He added

“With the installation at Camaya Coast, Semnox has once again proved its stronghold in the debit card system industry. We would specially like to thank Contextus in helping us with the installation. From hardware and network installation to project management, Contextus’s team has been very prompt and efficient in working with Semnox to co-ordinate with this entire project” said Kiran Karanki, Director, Semnox Solutions.

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