Learn To Fly! with Freefall xtreme at Agroventures Adventure Park

Freefall xtreme at Agroventures Adventure Park

Freefall xtreme at Agroventures Adventure Park

Rotorua,New Zealand: Agroventures is New Zealand’s leading adventure hub, that offers the world’s most fun and unique array of soft to high adrenaline Rotorua activities in one beautiful location.


The home of unique adventures is located within the realm of the world famous Agrodome just outside of Rotorua City, at this place you can try out some popular sport of jet sprinting with the Agrojet a ferrari on water, then launch yourself from the Rotorua Bungy – NZ’s best value bungy jump, leap towards the earth at 130kmph through Swoop super swing. Race thru space at up to 50kph with Shweeb, Agroventures Adventure Park is the only place to experience it, and then learn to fly with Freefall Xtremeon a giant wind column.


Explaining about the concept of Freefall Xtreme attraction Debbie Guptill, Sales & Marketing Manager of  Agroventures Adventure Park said “Agroventures Adventure Park offers unique adventure experiences to NZ and the world.  The edition of Freefall Xtreme in 2003 reinforced our distinctive offers through being the only outdoor wind column in the southern hemisphere and New Zealand.”

Debbie Guptill, Sales & Marketing Manager of Agroventures Adventure Park

Debbie Guptill, Sales & Marketing Manager of Agroventures Adventure Park

Guests have the flexibility of experiencing this no strings attached body flying experience between the hours of 9am – 5pm daily.  The best part is you don’t need to be an expert to fly with this attraction. Trained staff of Agroventures Adventure Park  will provide you with a flight suit, training and a few tips and tricks before you head out onto the flight zone. Flight masters remain on either side of the customer to provide them with flying techniques including correct body position to maximise their time in the wind tunnel.

“Guests do not need to have any previous experience as our flight masters provide a body flying suit and all the necessary training for them to conquer the wind tunnel.  Our flight masters will remain with the guest throughout the experience and provide assistance and instructions where necessary ” explained Debbie.

The beauty about Freefall Xtreme is that it caters for all ages and sizes. “As long as the customers are over 25kgs and they have no previous back, neck or shoulder injuries we can fly them.  Our flight maters will conduct 15-minute training with each person to ensure they receive the best possible experience whilst flying ” says Debbie.

Freefall Xtreme attraction at Agroventures Adventure Park is safe and adventurous.  It provides guests the opportunity to experience the freefalling sensation without having to jump out of a plane.   The net catchment above the freefall prevents people from flying away and the soft cushioning around the outer edge provides a soft landing should people lean outside the wind tunnel zone.  “Our flight masters will also accompany customers throughout their flying experience providing instructions on body positioning and assisting where needed. ” concluded Debbie

The overall experience takes approximately 15minutes with 90 seconds of flight time. This 90 second flight time is longer than that of the standard 12,000 ft skydive which is normally around 45 seconds.  The cost is only $49/pp otherwise double up the experience for only $79pp.

5 safety tips for guest who want to fly with Freefall Xtreme.

  1. Don’t be nervous its great fun
  2. Keep relaxed – your body is better stabilised when relaxed and this helps you fly.
  3. Breath through your nose not your mouth – otherwise you’ll have saliva running up your face.
  4. Be sure to remove anything loose or you’ll lose it – socks included.
  5. Be sure to disclose any previous back, shoulder or neck injuries to our trained staff.

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