Irish themed area to open its doors in late spring


Rust ,Germany: The 2016 season at the ‘Best Theme Park Worldwide’ will be fully attuned to nature and families, with the new themed area, Ireland – Children’s World, playing a key role. Opening in late spring with numerous attractions, a large indoor play area and a range of new culinary delicacies, this will be the highlight of the new season. With authentic, detailed design, visitors of all ages will be able to discover the most beautiful side of Ireland.

What’s more, the latest MackMedia movie adventure ‘Happy Family’ will play at the 4D Magic Cinema and from the start of the season visitors will be able to race through the eerily funny world of ‘Happy Family’ on Pegasus Coastiality. The magical short film ‘Saving the Enchanted Forest’ will also delight everyone in Grimm’s Library and the new jumping game ‘Cannon Flight’ will guarantee the best entertainment possible, too.

More than 100 attractions and shows and 14 European themed areas await visitors on a site measuring 95 hectares. The park’s five 4* themed hotels make Europa-Park a unique short break destination in the border triangle of Germany, France, and Switzerland.Europa-Park_I_500x

Visitors can once again expect many great surprises and innovations this season. And so, between the French and English themed areas, the existing Children’s World will be given a new theme from late spring 2016 in the form of the Emerald Isle. Set amid the hills of Ireland, lies an idyllic little fishing village. Here visitors can board the children’s swingboat Dancing Dingie, ride the children’s rollercoaster Ba-a-a-Express, or take a trip on a tractor at Old Mac Donald‘s Tractor Fun. There are many new attractions for the whole family to explore in this fairytale oasis. The large, covered play area Limerick Castle will also guarantee memorable adventures at any time of the year, while the new gastronomic offering The O’Mackay’s Cafe and Pub, the new shop Shamrock Gifts and Treats, and a new show are sure to entice visitors.Europa-Park_WODAN_Blue_Fire_500x

The 4D Magic Cinema boasts a new movie adventure entitled ‘Happy Family’. The movie, produced by MackMedia, centres on the Wünschmann family, a very usual family with very usual problems. Taking control of the situation, mother Emma encourages the family to put their differences aside by taking them to a theme park. This is when a ghost train ride turns into an incredible, spooky adventure. ‘Happy Family’ is shown in rotation with another popular MackMedia 4D movie adventure ‘The Time Carousel’.

For those visitors looking to accompany the Wünschmann family on their ludicrously spooky adventure, Pegasus Coastiality will take them through the eerily funny world of ‘Happy Family’ equipped with innovative technology Samsung gear virtual reality glasses. As the world premiere of the first virtual reality rollercoaster Alpenexpress Coastiality caused a stir among visitors and in the media last year, this year the popular YoungStar Coaster in the Greek themed area becomes the second rollercoaster at Europa-Park to be conquered by virtual reality. The amusing story of ‘Happy Family’, written by bestselling author David Safier, will also run as a 90 minute animation film in cinemas from 2017.

Viewers of all ages can discover the story behind Europa-Park in Grimm’s Library in the Enchanted Forest. From late spring 2016, Ed Euromaus will once again be facing up to his adversary, the Nachtkrabb, in the fantastic short film from MackMedia.

With a Formula 1 race car, a safety car, and exclusive show cars, the fastest racing series in the world is the focus of the unique new ‘WON WORLD’ exhibition at Mercedes-Benz Hall. Visitors will be captivated by the fascinating world of Mercedes-Benz Racing and find themselves immersed in one of the most prestigious races in the world – the Monaco Grand Prix.Island_Blue_Fire_500x

The ‘Cuisines of the World’ are at home in the new Restaurant Spices. Depending on the time of year, guests can enjoy Indian, African, or even South American specialities freshly prepared and cooked right before their eyes.

In the Dutch themed area, the new Molencafé will lure visitors from afar with the sweet scent of Poffertjes. In addition visitors can look forward to tasty fries from the Friethuys, where the potatoes are cooked in an authentic Dutch style.

The activity area nestled in the heart of the Europa-Park is also getting a new landmark with the addition of the new Luxembourg Square as part of the Luxembourg Festival on 11th and 12th June.

There’s also gaming news. Following on from last years game ‘The Mystery Maze of Balthasar Castle’, MackMedia now presents ‘Cannon Flight’. In addition to an update to the first game, things are really moving up in the second game with Ed Euromaus and friends hitting the heights. The jumping adventure promises fast-paced gaming fun, with Ed and his friends playing courageous stuntmen. ‘Cannon Flight’ will be available for PC and Mac, as well as iOS, Android, and WindowsPhone.

Film sets, backdrops and cameras – these cinematic props form the central thread in the new variety show in the Teatro dell´Arte in the Italian themed area. Entertaining comedy, fascinating aerial acts, and spectacular dance acts ensure a top-class entertainment experience every day. The Euromaus show in the Italian themed area also has new content, with Ed Euromaus, his friend Eurofant as DJ, and the band ‘The Rustis’ playing on the outdoor stage. Ed also invites all visitors to his daily Party Parade, which will pass through Europa-Park in a procession of upbeat music, colourful costumes, and spectacular choreography.

Investments are also being made in behind-the-scenes operations of Germany’s largest theme park. A new Logistics Centre, which is responsible for all commodity flows in the Park, is being built on the site of the former staff car park. Not only that, but a fish ladder is being built at the river Elz to allow fish to migrate upstream.

Finally, a new multi-purpose hall will be built over the course of the year, which in future will host not only trade fairs and conferences, but also concerts and other events. It will be replacing the Europa-Park Arena and provide even more improved protection against noise pollution thanks to its design.

Whether it’s Scandinavia, Spain, or Switzerland – as of early 2016, visitors to Europa-Park will be able to discover 14 European countries in a single day. The various themed areas will entice you with their detailed architecture, authentic vegetation, and customary cuisine. Whilst numerous attractions will get rollercoaster fans’ pulses racing. Brave visitors who like it fast and furious should try out the wooden rollercoaster, WODAN – Timburcoaster in Iceland, or be shot through the air at 100km/h on the catapult rollercoaster, blue fire Megacoaster powered by GAZPROM. Reach for the skies in France, too – the Eurosat rollercoaster takes visitors on a trip through the dark expanses of space, whilst the Silver Star rollercoaster takes a steep dive from over 70 metres with speeds of up to 130km/h.

Those who like things a bit calmer can expect a vibrant range of entertainment. Visitors can float through the air in Italy with Volo da Vinci or watch Ed Euromaus and his friends embark on an adventurous journey through the past in the 4D movie ‘The Time Carousel’. Mother Holle, Rapunzel, and Cinderella await young visitors in Grimm’s Enchanted Forest where they can immerse themselves in magical worlds alongside Hansel and Gretel.

The family attraction ARTHUR – In the Minimoys Kingdom makes the dream of being up close with tremendous natural scenery a reality. During a 550 metre long flight over the subterranean universe, visitors will experience seven fantastic Kingdoms using all their senses. In addition to the ARTHUR themed ride, the gigantic indoor dome also features two ten metre high free-fall towers, Root Slides winding down a hill, the Mül-Müls Carousel with its funny white furball animals, Jack’s DELI snacks, and the ARTHUR Boutique.

The park’s own 4* hotels, ‘El Andaluz’ and ‘Castillo Alcazar’, as well as the 4* Superior hotels ‘Colosseo’, ‘Santa Isabel’, and ‘Bell Rock’ offer guests everything they could desire for either a perfect family holiday or romantic couples’ wellness weekend. Guests can discover the excitement of living in a castle, enjoy ‘la bella Italia’, live by the motto ‘Viva España’, or delve into the history of New England. All of Europa-Park’s five hotels offer a uniquely charming atmosphere and decor, and will round off a breathtaking stay with their variety of culinary offerings. Whether at the Don Quichotte gourmet buffet, eating pizza in La Romantica or a five course meal in the 2* Michelin restaurant, Ammolite − The Lighthouse Restaurant, a tour of discovery for the taste buds is guaranteed.

With its quaint log cabins, Teepees and numerous covered wagons, the Camp Resort offers another exceptional option for an overnight stay. Wild West enthusiasts can sit around a campfire and spend the night in authentic Native Indian tents. In addition, there are 200 camping spaces in the adjoining Europa-Park camping site.

Golf enthusiasts will also be able to indulge their hobby on a visit to this popular theme park. The Europa-Park Golfclub Breisgau e.V. covers an area of nearly 90 hectares in an idyllic setting surrounded by vineyards. With both a 9 hole and 18 hole course, the grounds provide the perfect challenge for golfers of all abilities.

For more than ten years, Europa-Park has been welcoming visitors in four wonderfully decorated seasons. Spring is the time to introduce what is new, followed by the summer season promising refreshing water attractions and adventurous ways to cool off. Autumn sees over 180,000 pumpkins, as well as numerous dark figures, give the park a mystical atmosphere. Whilst for the winter season, Europe’s favourite theme park transforms into a fascinating winter wonderland with thousands of Christmas trees, fairy lights, and sparkling baubles, along with numerous winter attractions, culinary delights, and a festive show programme.

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