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Beirut, Lebanon: KidzMondo is a global concept indoor theme park following the conceptual approach of edutainment or playful learning. It is an ideal forum where social rules and values are promoted and ingrained in children to prepare them to behave as good adult citizens would in real life. In addition, all the activities offered evolve around the notion of Role Play which enhance and encourage learning.  KidzMondo is a Lebanese concept located at Beirut Central District of  Lebanon. With more than 80 establishments and 120 activities, kids can experience every detail of an adult life in an educational and entertaining environment.

Ali Kazma, Chairman of Kidz Holding and founder of the KidzMondo concept.

Ali Kazma, Chairman of Kidz Holding and founder of the KidzMondo concept.

Ali Kazma, Chairman of Kidz Holding and founder of the KidzMondo concept speaks about how KidzMondo is anticipating to expand its reach this year by opening  two more parks in the Mall of Qatar and in The Mall at Abu Dhabi World Trade Center followed by an aggressive expansion in KSA and the rest of the region.

What are your expansion plans with new rides and attractions in2016?

KM current locations include: Lebanon, Turkey, UAE, Qatar, KSA, Jordan and Azerbaijan. KM expansion strategy covers the remaining viable countries in the Gulf and East Asia, Europe and North Africa; and of course the Western Hemisphere in a later stage.

What is the current entry fee for the park and will the fee structure remains the same for this year?


The current entry Fees to KidzMondo is 26$ for kids and 13$ for the adults.  The fee structure has been constant since the first year of operation and there are no plans in the near future to change it. IMG_9960 copy

Last year Which RIDE was most popular among the visitors? Anyspecific reason?  

We provide children activities that promote Role play. Our most popular activities include Flight simulation, Fire department, TV studio, Gas Station, Beauty parlor…

At KidzMondo, we provide the children a fully immersive experience stimulating all of their senses. We aim to provide memorable events and engagements points to generate a deeper connection and emotional bond with the children leading to a deeper involvement in the society when they grow up.

What is the park’s USP apart from rides?

At KidzMondo, there are no coin operated games or games that promote violence. We do not offer socially isolating games for children, but a safe and educational environment that is equally entertaining.  All the activities’ curriculum has been developed in collaboration with LAU (Lebanese American University) around the 4 leg approach that promotes: Cognitive development, Emotional Development, Psychomotor development and Social Development.

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