IAAPA Meets At Europa-Park


Rust, Germany : Members of the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) came to visit Germany’s largest theme park last week. Managers and executives from theme parks all over Europe and Dubai met at Europa-Park to exchange ideas about current issues in the leisure industry. As it had been under Roland Mack’s presidency of the association, safety was right at the top of the agenda.


The economic effects that theme parks have on their regions were also highlighted, however. Europa-Park, for example, created 100 new jobs in the last season alone. Further investment in the theme park such as this year’s construction of the new Irish themed area – a major attraction for the coming season – and the development of a water park will in turn create hundreds of additional jobs. This will result in new sources of income for the local areas involved and continued growth in the leisure facilities available to the region’s inhabitants. This year a high three-digit million amount is expected to be invested by theme parks across Europe.

At the world’s most popular theme park, the 2016 season will have a family focus. Our new themed area, Ireland – A Children’s World, will play a key role in this regard. Opening in late spring with numerous attractions, a large indoor play area and a range of new gastronomic delicacies, this will be the highlight of the new season. Designed with a great attention to detail to reflect all that is typical for the country, it will give visitors of all ages the opportunity to experience the beauties of Ireland.

What is more, the Wunschmann family, stars of the film Happy Family (coming to German cinemas at the end of this year), will also feature at Europa-Park. At the Magic Cinema, this very special family will go on an amusing 4D adventure through the theme park. And, following last year’s widely acclaimed world premiere of the world’s first virtual reality roller coaster with the Alpenexpress VR Ride, this year Pegasus – the YoungStar Roller Coaster will also be equipped with the latest VR roller coaster technology. Here, too, the Happy Family will take visitors into their virtual world.

Impressed by all the new attractions, the group ended their conference in a relaxed atmosphere over dinner at the 4-star Bell Rock superior hotel. The results of their stay were striking – despite the long journey, they all agreed that they would visit Europa-Park again this season.

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